Non-browning genetically modified apples

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         The developer Okanagan Specialty Fruits recently developed a genetically modified apple  that is resistant to turning brown when it is bruised or even sliced. The U.S. government just recently approved this apple to be sold in the country and they believe it will reduce the amount of apples that are discarded due to browning significantly over the course of the next few years. A large amount of farming companies are already lining up to purchase trees to begin manufacturing these genetically modified apples in large amounts. Unlike most genetically modified  fruits or vegetables which have the genes of another species inserted into them, these 'Arctic' apples, as they are called, instead have the genes inside them modified as so to suppress the enzyme that causes the apple to brown.
        Many consumer and environmentalist groups however are opposed to these apples and believe they are unnecessary and will tarnish the name of an everyday fruit many people have come to enjoy. They also attempt to argue that these modified apples will not carry the same nutritional value of a regular apple and will make them less that suitable to attribute to a persons daily dietary needs. Specialists form the Okanagan Specialty Fruits  developing company have however proven that they do indeed carry the same nutritional value, and are optimistic that Arctic apples will be seen in supermarkets across the country by 2016.
         I believe these apples will become widespread in the near future and we will begin to see Arctic apples in American homes everywhere. The non-browning capabilities of the apple will make sliced apples more appealing to people, and allow it to become a more common snack that will be seen in restaurants, supermarkets, and even public schools.