My Family

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In the absence of human children, this is my family. Uh... yeah! They are cats! There are now five; two males and three females. All were rescues with troubled pasts. They now share their own dedicated play room that has climbing features, caves and high window perches. The room has a fountain that provides recirculated carbon filtered water for them. There are enough high perches for each to have a special location of choice. For their safety, they are confined to this room when humans are not on hand to supervise. When chaperones are present, they have the run of the house but often voluntarily go back to their room for naps. Mostly, however, they take turns on any lap that becomes available and vacant.

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My family's latest addition (Mandy) was rescued from the snow between Christmas and New Years. She was a down-and-out homeless who needed a helping hand and at least three squares a day. Her doctor says she's about two years old. She is a pure white shorthair with fur like a teddy bear. And, she has those beautiful amber eyes! She's gained about two pounds since she joined my family.