Oh my! Oh my!

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Firstly, i had my whole blog post almost done and typed out and my phone died and i lost the entire thing. I will do my best to write it out as good as i can remember.

We finally had our doctors appointment today! I was so excited! I waited so long to see her! I went in and did my weigh in. Last checkup i was at 146 pounds and i am happy to say i am now up to 149! So glad to see the scale climb, although i sure hope i can lose it all right after! Ph boy.

Tony and I went into our room and the doctor came in and we talked over a few things and got ready for my ultrasound. My favorite part of doctor visits!

He started the ultrasound and she was laying upside down with her head closest to my left hip bone. He was trying to see her head and face but she had her foot in front of it! He scanned over her abdominal area and you can clearly see her intestines outside of her body. He zoomed in and was able to see that the intestines and umbilical cord are separated so there is no chance of it being Omphalocele. He went back to her head and was able to get a good profile photo of her. Her little button nose is the cutest! He was also able to get a profile photo of her intestines. I am very excited to have that to show her when she gets older, as well as others who do not know what it looks like.

He did measurements as best he could. She would not stop moving around. Her skull is measuring in at 25 weeks. Her stomach is measuring in at 23 weeks 4 days which is normal because her intestines aren't inside to help her little tummy grow. He lastly measured her thigh bone, which measured in about 2 weeks behind. He then asked Tony what his ethnicity is and he is full Hispanic. He then explained that the computer includes all ethnicity measurements and those of Afircan babies whose legs are usually the longest. He said Hispanic babies measure about 2 weeks behind that, White babies measure about a week behind, and Asian babies measure 2-3 weeks behind. She may not be as tall as i thought, but she is going to be even cuter!

He checked her heart and we listened to her heart beat and it is still beating strong. By looking at her intestines, there are no dilations or any issues going on with that as of now. It can always change a i get closer to delivery. My amniotic fluid levels are good too, there is plenty in there. All this exciting news makes me feel at ease. Our little Maddy is a trooper! I love her so much already!

After the ultrasound we discussed my next appointments. I had the one moved up a week and have another 2 weeks after that. I also have to go in 2-3 weeks for my sugar test! I get to drink that yummy orange drink and get my blood drawn! Oh yay! I remember going with my mom when she had to drink those nasty drinks. Now its my turn! I dont know exactly what it tests for but all i know is it needs to come back negative and if so, I get another Rogham shot. (My blood type is Rh Negative). I am almost there and pretty soon she will be here. I cant believe it. I remember being just 3 weeks along not even knowing for sure if we were pregnant! So crazy how time flies.

I will be 25 weeks on Thursday. That meas only 15 weeks to go! I will also be switching my hospital to deliver where she will be having her surgeries. Hopefully I can adjust to the new hospital, i haven't been there yet. I will also be starting my birth plan in about 4-6 weeks with the new facility. I want to at least meet the doctors and surgeons who i will be delivering with. I am just too excited to meet her. I want everything to go perfect for her.

We are so excites. So glad everything is going well so far. I can feel her moving and kicking so much too so i know she is a little wild one. She is ready to be apart of this world. I cant wait. Here are a fee lovely photos from todays appointment! Enjoy!