100 Year Inheritance Episodes 25-26 Recap

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A replay of the kiss. It’s actually sad how he says to Eun Seol, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?” Joo Ri stuffs Se Yoon in the car and then goes over to gloat in front of Chae Won. She goes as far as thanking Chae Won for everything that she did that day. Just wash your hands, Chae Won. Now in the car, Joo Ri’s pissed and hurt that their first kiss was because he thought she was Eun Seol. On the bus, Chae Won tells herself that Joo Ri and Se Yoon have been close for a long time and will probably get married, so she shouldn’t be shocked or upset about them kissing. Se Yoon’s now home and Mom wonders if something happened at work. Joo Ri starts to cry. Mom is, of course, concerned. Joo Ri declares she doesn’t have any confidence with Se Yoon because he drunkenly kissed her, thinking she was Eun Seol. And she worked so hard to win his heart! Mom is horrified and comforts Joo Ri but Joo Ri runs out.

Chul Kyu’s waiting up for his wife and is ticked. EMIL makes them sit down and starts to lecture Hong Joo. EMIL yells at her if this is what she learned from her family?! Hong Joo’s trigger. Hong Joo screams at EMIL, “Please, don’t scream at me!” EMIL’s taken aback. Yelling back and forth and then Hong Joo starts to throw a screaming fit. Mrs. Park to the rescue over the hyperventilating Hong Joo. EMIL and Chul Kyu are completely shocked by the whole scene. Mrs. Park screams at them, asking why they aren’t taking Hong Joo up to bed and Chul Kyu quickly carries her upstairs. Joo Ri arrives and only screams as EMIL starts yelling at her. Joo Ri has decided to run off because she’s so humiliated. And it must be nice not to worry about those bills. She declares that she truly loves Se Yoon and it *has* to be him. And if you really knew what love is, you wouldn’t be this selfish and would want him to be happy not manipulated.

Family meeting. Appa and Choon Hee are also there. Oehalmeoni announces that she has decided to allow Appa and Choon Hee to get married. Oeharabeoji declares that they should get married by the end of the month and when the sons mention the couple not having a place to live, Oeharabeoji’s already got that arranged. And the ceremony doesn’t need to big. Oeharabeoji declares them done and Oehalmeoni goes after to him to argue about his declarations.

Hong Joo wakes up and Chul Kyu starts to try to smooth things out but she tells him she sees why he ended up divorced: his ex must have hated how he always took his mother’s side. She calls him Mama boy. He raises his hand at her and she throws in how he’s not only a Mama boy but he’s adding domestic violence. And I just don’t get their relationship. Joo Ri’s downstairs drinking. Why do they always drink when burdened? I don’t get that either. Chul Kyu comes across her and takes the bottle. He tells her told tell him who the guy is and he’ll take care of it. He tells her that he’ll beat the guy making her miserable up, she screams at him about not wanting to be bothered and storms off.

Se Yoon wakes to Mom sitting at his beside. It’s 6 am. She wants to know what he’s so troubled by. He asks her if he was really drunk the day before. Mom tells him that Joo Ri brought him home and when he was drunk, he kissed Joo Ri, thinking she was Eun Seol. Se Yoon feels bad. Joo Ri decides to run off, maybe a month and she’ll be back. EMIL rushes to tell Chul Kyu and he’s yelling at Hong Joo on the phone. EMIL declares he needs to solve his marital problems because Joo Ri’s run off.

Se Yoon’s at work. They’re needing awesome noodles for their high-quality, premium market. And whose family makes awesome noodles, I wonder… Asst Yoon says that it isn’t going to be easy because the machine just picks noodles, without testing whether they’re the best. Se Yoon declares they need to find a one-of-a-kind tasting noodle. Isn’t that Oeharabeoji’s latest challenge? He instructs them to work with the chefs to develop a new recipe.

After the meeting finishes, Se Yoon asks Asst Yoon where Joo Ri is and he’s told she resigned, via email. Because that’s the classy way of doing it. EMIL’s waiting for Se Yoon after his meeting, all nice, and says she was truly shocked. He asks her to sit but instead she gets on her knees and begs for his help in bringing back Joo Ri. EMIL weeps and begs him not to throw Joo Ri away. EMIL continues to milk it all. Se Yoon feels he has to rescue Joo Ri, especially after EMIL weeps and begs. EMIL looks quite pleased with her performance as she leaves the building and comes across Chae Won, who is, as usual polite. EMIL lays into Chae Won, blaming her for it all. EMIL declares that Chae Won was born to destroy her family.

But Se Yoon misses the whole thing. EMIL leaves first. Chae Won only sighs and starts to walk past him. He demands that she at least make some excuses for her behavior! She turns around and asks him why she should, they’re for situations where people want to work misunderstandings out. She tells him she has not desire to try and fix the misunderstandings to someone who just pointed fingers and didn’t ever try to hear her part of the story. He asks her what she means. She declares that he believes what he’s seen and heard. She doesn’t even have the slightest desire to make excuses. And she leaves him.

Chae Won reaches her office and one of the cooks is there. She says that Upper Manager Chae wants to have dinner with her. She declares that she has a lot of work and declares she’ll need to decline.

Appa and Oehalmeoni arrive at Choon Hee’s with a box. It’s kitchen supplies that were supposed to go to Auntie when she gets married. Oehalmeoni tells Choon Hee to think of her as her real mother and accept them. Total change of tune! Choon Hee’s now uncomfortable with Oehalmeoni’s change of tune. Oehalmeoni tags along during their house shopping, so Choon Hee doesn’t feel like she can say anything that contradicts Oehalmeoni. Appa’s totally enthusiastic about the whole thing. Dress shopping. Choon Hee’s revealed and Appa’s over the moon at the dress but Oehalmeoni frowns. Second dress and Oehalmeoni’s still not happy. Third dress. Fourth dress. Oehalmeoni hates all of them. Choon Hee’s done but Oehalmeoni can’t understand why they’re not still looking for a dress. Choon Hee asks Oehalmeoni if she’s not being mean and why does Oehalmeoni want everything *her* way. When Appa tries to play peacemaker, Choon Hee snaps at him and walks off. Oehalmeoni moans that she’s been oblivious and will not interfere anymore.

Contest hijinks. Seul Hong has arrived. He likes to speak English. And his voice is really annoying. Auntie and Opera Man hijinks.

EMIL still stressing over Joo Ri being gone. Chul Kyu wants to meet the guy distressing his sister. EMIL doesn’t tell him it’s Se Yoon. TSGMom arrives, as ‘warm’ as ever. EMIL grumbles about Hong Joo’s behavior. TSGMom mentions how Chul Kyu hasn’t even slept with his daughter yet. TSGMom says Hong Joo thinks it’s because he’s still stuck on Chae Won. Chul Kyu says he’s not. TSGMom pulls out the prenup contract, which EMIL can’t believe is happening. Not that she asked Chae Won to sign something like that or anything… Chul Kyu reads it. EMIL can’t believe the terms. TSGMom says it’s standard for what she’s done with her other children. Chul Kyu basically tells TSGMom to stuff it and walks out. Once he’s gone, TSGMom offers EMIL a bribe to get her support: entrance into television home shopping.

Chae Won is at work late inspecting the produce. A cleaning lady asks for water. Chae Won asks if she’s eaten. The lady says that she’s good on what she snacked on. Chae Won gets to work cooking noodles for the cleaning ladies. They’re surprised but she tells them she can’t help but cook for them because of all their hard work. Along comes Se Yoon. He overhears and isn’t sure what to think. But he stops when the ladies marvel at how good the noodles taste. She tells them she’s the granddaughter of a noodle factory. They ask her for the extras and she happily complies. After Chae Won leaves, Se Yoon saunters up and asks about the noodles. They share.

EMIL’s now telling Chul Kyu to sign, because she’s all about the money. He wants to know what EMIL is getting out of the deal. She denies dealing with TSGMom. He refuses. His outfit is killing me – it reminds me of something Cher would wear. But Chul Kyu eventually signs. EMIL mutters about those jerky TSG people and then remembers how she did the same thing to Chae Won. And might actually feel a little bad.

Joo Ri’s listening to her messages while sitting on the beach. Se Yoon calls and apologizes and asks her to come back. She cries and yells that it’s all over now!

SYDad comes home and he’s ticked. He’s just gotten done with a dinner with Manager Kim and the guy mentioned all the rumors. Mom can’t believe what’s going on, and of course blames Chae Won, since she totally believes Joo Ri’s lies. Chae Won’s worrying about Joo Ri, but tells herself to stop. She’s done for the night and is leaving work. SYMom, after hearing what Dad said, has stormed over to confront Chae Won. Without a word Mom unexpectedly slaps Chae Won across the face. Chae Won asks her what’s wrong. Mom replies that she really doesn’t know. Chae Won says she doesn’t, so Mom slaps her again. Chae Won asks why she doing all that? Mom yells at Chae Won for playing with her son. She’s heard about all of Chae Won’s games to try to get Se Yoon to marry her. Is Se Yoon a pushover? Is Mom?! Chae Won sputters that there’s a misunderstanding and she never did that. Se Yoon comes out of the elevator and sees them. Mom calls Chae Won a lowlife and vows she’ll never lose her son to someone like her. Again, pleadingly, Chae Won declares that there’s been some misunderstanding. Mom’s about to slap her again when Se Yoon stops her, asking her what she’s doing?! He’s UPSET. And I think he’s having flashbacks to Mom’s relationship with Eun Seol. He turns to Chae Won and asks if she’s OK.


Replay of Se Yoon coming out of the elevator. Mom yelling. Chae Won saying there’s a misunderstanding. Mom trying to hit Chae Won and Se Yoon stopping her. Se Yoon asking if Chae Won is okay. And all I can say is, walk away, girl! Walk away! You do not need a second horrible EMIL! Walk away! Chae Won just looks at him. The veins are popping out on his head, that’s how upset he is. He turns to Mom and tells her that three years ago or now, Mom hasn’t changed at all! No Mom’s trying to protest about a misunderstanding. He tells Mom he’s very disappointed. He turns to Chae Won and apologizes, the familiar apology. Walk away, girl! Don’t just stand there! Leave!!! He apologizes and bows with it. Mom can’t believe he’s bowing to this lowly girl! He yells at Mom to stop. And Finally. Chae Won excuses herself. It’s really obvious from her voice and body language that she is painfully hurt by all this. Mom is ticked that he would be so disrespectful towards her in front of Chae Won. He gives Mom one more pained look and runs after Chae Won.

Outside, Se Yoon stops Chae Won and asks her to please talk. She tells him she has nothing to talk about. And she walks away. And I actually am really emotional right now, relating to her and wanting to cry broken-hearted tears of disappointment and loss for her. Mom comes out to yell at him for apologizing to Chae Won. Mom says that Chae Won was trying to use him. He replies that anyone can make a mistake. Mom spits out that Chae Won is using him to move up in the world. And Se Yoon still can’t excuse Mom coming there and slapping Chae Won. He tells her that whether it was with Eun Seol or now, Mom hasn’t changed. She’s shocked he said that. He tells her to go home first because he has some things to think about. And walks off.

On the bus, Chae Won is thinking over Mom’s words and remembers how Joo Ri threatened her, that if she doesn’t leave Joo Ri will make sure she gets dragged out. EMIL telling her that she’s born to ruin EMIL’s family! Chae Won thinks that she thought a new life would be waiting for her, if she got out of her horrible marriage. But she was wrong and has returned to the same place. So what can she do? Se Yoon’s waiting for her at her house, anxious as anything. She finally arrives, He tells her that he just didn’t feel right so he couldn’t go home. He wants to talk. She says she has nothing to talk about. As he protests, she tells him that there’s no need to be sorry. She's the one who has overcome worse. He has nothing he needs to concern himself with. He asks her if she’s saying that this whole situation is a misunderstanding. She doesn’t answer but says she doesn’t want to talk anymore. She tells him she’s tired, so he shouldn’t bother her. And the girl walks away. Yes! Thank you! He walks after her, completely upset and about to cry.

Choon Hee arrives and recognizes him. She reminds him about the bag switch on the plane. He politely greets her. She asks him why he’s there. He says that he had some business. She says she’s also there for business and it’s amazing that they ran into each other. She hopes this girlfriend (from the camera) is doing well. He politely excuses himself and Choon Hee declares that *whoever’s son he is, he’s such a good-looking guy!* If that ever was more a sign that he’s adopted and Choon Hee is his real mom, I haven’t seen one.

Choon Hee’s there to talk to Oehalmeoni, who’s upset. Oehalmeoni sincerely apologizes for being out of line. Oeharabeoji adds that Oehalmeoni had no bad intentions. Choon Hee apologizes for being overly sensitive earlier. Oehalmeoni starts to cry, partially because she hates the idea of having to detach herself. Crying, Appa tells her that he’ll still think of her as his real Mom and Choon Hee is totally uncomfortable over their crying and leaves the room. Outside the AILs are there and yell at Choon Hee for being immature. Chae Won arrives and EAIL asks Chae Won where she’s planning on live. All the siblings chime in their opinions. Chae Won doesn’t say anything. Oehalmeoni bursts out and starts yelling about Chae Won not leaving! Chae Won finally says that she’ll live with the grandparents, *because they’re newlyweds.* But Appa starts to cry and runs out.

Auntie has figured out that Opera Man is her first love. She’s a little depressed. She’s with him when he gets dumped as singer by the restaurant. To cheer him up, she asks if he’s like to partner up with her in the noodle contest.

Appa’s drinking again. That Soju. Choon Hee arrives to make him stop. He tells her that he thought he would be the happiest man ever to marry her, but he never thought he’d have to give up so much. Feeling for her man, she pours him another drink.

Se Yoon arrives home. Dad is there, pissed. Mom glares at him. Dad commands Se Yoon to sit! Dad asks what Se Yoon’s been doing that such a rumor could even have gotten started. Mom chimes in that it’s the woman, she’s not a good woman. Dad asks him about how he recommended Chae Won for her job. Mom wants to know what that’s all about and wants to know how long he’s known her. He admits that they met when he traveled to Nam Hae. Dad starts to rant about Se Yoon running around with bad people. And then of course Dad has a heart attack. And Dad was serious enough that he had to have surgery. But the surgery was a success and there’s nothing else to worry about. Mom cries in relief.

Joo Ri still hasn’t come home or answered EMIL’s calls. And Hong Joo is home. EMIL’s all nice because she’s getting home shopping out of the deal and Hong Joo knows the drill. EMIL is all sweet offers to take Coco so they can sleep together. Chul Kyu knows there’s something up because EMIL’s being way too nice.

At home, Chae Won’s thinking about her last conversation with Se Yoon. She says it’s useless to try to explain. Appa comes out and Chae Won and he talk and sort out the whole living situation. Appa encourages her to find a nice guy. Appa liked Se Yoon. She smiles and says that Se Yoon has a fiancée. Chae Won wants him to focus on his wedding.

Work. Elevator. Se Yoon’s in the elevator. Chae Won *has* to take it, so uncomfortable elevator ride begins. He apologizes again. She says nothing. They’re joined by a guy who Se Yoon addresses as father-in-law. And he’s carrying Eun Seol’s ashes. Father-in-law says that before sending her away, he wanted to let her see Se Yoon’s face for the last time. Se Yoon asks what he means by that. Chae Won exits the elevator before she can hear the answer. In Se Yoon’s office, FIL declares that Eun Seol has been appearing to her mother for months, begging to be sent away because she felt stuffy. So, they’ve decided to spread her ashes in the lake she liked. Se Yoon’s eyes are wet with tears as FIL tells him that he also brought a camera with videos of the two of them. FIL leaves so Se Yoon can say his last goodbyes, but he also asks that Se Yoon let his daughter go now. Se Yoon strokes the urn and asks Eun Seol if she’s been frustrated for so long. Then he apologizes for being a fool. He tells her that he forgot about her while living. He can’t believe he forgot about her. He cries and begs her forgiveness.

Newlyweds House. Choon Hee arrives to find Oehalmeoni cleaning. Oehalmeoni quickly starts to excuse herself but Choon Hee invites her to eat and takes Oehalmeoni out to eat. Two of her former customers arrive and are drunk. The guy tries to get fresh and a ticked Oehalmeoni declares she can’t hold it in anymore! She grabs a tray and whacks him across the head with it. She yells at him that she hit him to bring him to his senses. The guy yells at Oehalmeoni for butting in and she’s indignant for how disrespectful he is. He asks who she thinks she is and she declares that she’s Choon Hee’s MOM. Bonding moment.

Contest hijinks. Oeharabeoji rules that Auntie can have Opera Man as a partner. EUncle gets the highest score. Oehalmeoni and Choon Hee arrive home DRUNK. The AILs can’t believe how close Oehalmeoni and Choon Hee are now acting.

Joo Ri is still gone. EMIL tells Chul Kyu that she’s responsible for why Joo Ri left… because the guy Joo Ri’s dating is Se Yoon. Chul Kyu goes off in a tear.

Se Yoon’s at the Han River. Flashback as Se Yoon tells FIL that he’ll go with to spread the ashes. FIL refuses the request. Se Yoon wishes her peace and rest.

Chul Kyu arrives at Se Yoon’s work and demands to see him. He sees Chae Won and discovers she works there. He immediately concludes that Se Yoon’s playing both her and Joo Ri. She tells him it’s not like that. Se Yoon arrives and Chul Kyu rushes over to grab him by the collar. Chae Won begs him to stop. Se Yoon tells Chul Kyu to talk if he has anything to say. Chul Kyu calls Se Yoon a two-timer! Se Yoon’s not in the mood. Chul Kyu goes to punch Se Yoon but Se Yoon blocks it and plants one on Chul Kyu that throws him several steps backward. He also broke a molar. Chae Won runs over and asks if Chul Kyu is okay and gives her a hankie, which really irks Se Yoon. She tells him to go because there’s a misunderstanding. She’ll take care of it. She tells Se Yoon that from Chul Kyu’s POV, it could easily be misunderstood. She also begs him to go before other employees see the scene.

Chae Won drags Chul Kyu off and then uses the first-aid kit to treat him. Se Yoon stops by her office and sees her doctoring Chul Kyu. I’m not sure what he's thinking. Chul Kyu asks if there really *isn’t* something going on with Se Yoon She replies that he likes someone else. Chul Kyu says that he was sure she was going to marry Se Yoon. Chul Kyu clarifies that Se Yoon’s rescuing her is just because of EMIL. She doesn’t answer, just tells him to quit talking about the past. Chul Kyu tells her to quit and come work at his company. She looks at him like he’s crazy. He remembers EMIL, so he gives her all the money is his wallet and an unlimited credit card. She asks him what he’s doing. He tells her he’ll pay her living expenses. Since there’s no relationship with Se Yoon, Chul Kyu detests her working there. She shoves the stuff back at him and tells him to leave. He says that he misses her and it’s driving him crazy. He says that the marriage isn’t registered and they could be together if she wanted. Chae Won tells him that he’s not only petty but a coward. He needs to wake up and go back to his wife, because she has no intention of getting back with him.

Se Yoon’s in his office now and he decides to watch the video. It’s right after he’s left for Seoul to try and get Mom’s approval. Joo Ri shows up and Eun Seol captures Joo Ri drunk and crying over him on tape. FIL calls to say the ashes are spread and just happens to mention that Joo Ri is there visiting.

Chae Won sadly walks out of work. Se Yoon shortly after.

Oehalmeoni sitting next to a sleeping Choon Hee. Oehalmeoni is totally in love with Choon Hee now. During the drinking, Oehalmeoni says she found out about Choon Hee being an orphan. Oehalmeoni declares that she’s going to view Choon Hee as Chae Won’s mother back to life and will forever be Choon Hee’s Oma. Choon Hee hears it all and it makes her cry, but she pretends she didn’t hear. She calls Oehalmeoni Oma, Oehalmeoni readily agrees and Oeharabeoji is happy. Later Oehalmeoni tells all the siblings that from this day on she’s Choon Hee’s Oma. And now Choon Hee wants to stay living with the family. AILs aren’t happy and think she’s after the money.

Se Yoon arrives at FIL’s and gets Joo Ri to come home. That is after he stops her from trying to drown herself. Struggling and he hugs her voluntarily. He tells her that they should start from the beginning. She’s crying and grateful and he looks tortured.

Wedding Day. The AILs are asking Choon Hee what her angle. Choon Hee turns to them and asks them why they’re being so disrespectful to an elder and that once she’s married, she’s going to discipline the ladies Uhm, but good! Appa and Chae Won arrives and Chae Won gushes over how beautiful she is.

Joo Ri arrives at the hospital with Se Yoon. And not only did Dad have a heart attack *he’s in the early stages of STOMACH cancer.* Really? Mom tells them that he just needs an operation and because *it’s not serious* there’s nothing for them to worry about. Mom and Dad tells Se Yoon that they want him to marry Joo Ri. Se Yoon is struggling. Joo Ri says it’s too soon but Se Yoon says he’ll do it.