more businesses and organizations for neurodiversity to boycott

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I see that as part of autism awareness month, the reviled (by the ND movement) autism speaks is pursuing massive fund raising involving several different organizations. For those, such as myself who regularly read the blogs on the autism hub we see that a few bloggers have urged a boycott of Lindt chocolates. The reason for this is that they have teamed up with autism speaks and are donating a portion of their proceeds on each sale of chocolate to AS. It would seem that Lindt is not alone in this endeavor. The following companies have also teamed up with AS in some capacity:

Toys"R"Us, Inc., TJ Maxx, Modell's Sporting Goods, Build-A-Bear Workshop®, Discovery Health

I wonder if hub bloggers will start writing posts to boycott all of these pristine companies. In the United States, Toys 'R' us is one of the biggest retailers of children's toys. Wonder if their children will cry tears, when they are told, they will have to go without a toy for Christmas, because they are claiming that AS is deliberately trying to abort autistic fetuses and all the other nonsense they espouse.

One wonders at what point, the ND's will have to wear barrels because every clothing manufacturer is teaming up with autism speaks. What will happen when various grocery stores and restaurant chains start teaming up with autism speaks. Will they go on a hunger strike, will they die of starvation? I can't wait to see what happens.

I don't know whether or not the true prevalence of autism is rising. It is possible that the increase may be partially real because more men are becoming first time fathers at later ages. There has been research showing an association between paternal age and the likelihood to father an autistic child. There is also a temporal relationship between autism and the passage of special education legislation at least in the u.s.a. and possibly other countries as well. Whatever the reasons more and more persons are being diagnosed with autism than ever before. I don't know if the prevalence will rise to greater than 1/150 persons or not.

The point is that the more persons diagnosed with autism, the more interest there will be in funding science that may lead to preventing autism in children and possibly finding a cure. For that reason, more and more businesses will be teaming up with autism speaks and donating money to them, much to the chagrin of the neurodiverse. Neurodiversity may claim they comprise a good portion of the autistic community or even the autism community. In reality they are a fringe group whose view is out of the mainstream. Most persons who are touched by autism support autism speaks' agenda of trying to find a cure and prevent this tragedy from happening to other children. So, as more and more enterprises start teaming up with autism speaks, one wonders whether the crusade against Lindt chocolates will be expanded to these other enterprises. How many consumer goods will the ND's deprive themselves of? Only time will tell.

However, one member of the ND movement, Michelle Dawson, apparently does not want to boycott autism speaks, at least not when money to fund research she is involved with is concerned. Her mentor Laurent Mottron mentors post-doctoral fellow luc Keita who works on a grant from AS. Also Michelle has coauthored at least one paper with Jocelyn Faubert, a scientist funded by AS. . I am baffled as to why Michelle would not consider this money tainted, why she would not resign from the Mottron lab in protest. Yet, her fellow ND's still cherish, her and her writings. Michelle is not considered a quisling (a term more than one ND proponent has called me) or a sellout.

So I guess for all those reasons I will have to wait and see what and who the ND movement boycotts next.