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C was on IV antibiotics as a newborn.  He developed a UTI in the NICU because of his enlarged bowel and remained on antibiotics for a couple of weeks following his surgery.  If I had known then what I know now I would have begged for probiotics.  The early and frequent use of antibiotics created a perfect storm for gut dysbiosis.  C had his first stool test done at 15 months old.  It showed severe overgrowth of bad bacteria and so little good bacteria that it could not be measured.  There are many issues that can occur because of dysbiosis.  Much of what we do for C revolves around this delicate balance.  We don't feed foods that feed bad bacteria, we avoid antibiotics as much as possible (he's had 1 round in 4 years), we give him probiotics and prebiotics.

Antibiotics save lives because they kill bacteria.  They don't discriminate though, they kill both good and bad bacteria.  Chiropractic care and preventative medicine do a lot to keep him healthy but he recently got strep throat and we had to use antibiotics.  I'm not totally against them, I'm just against the overuse of antibiotics and the lack of preventative care.  He was on antibiotics for 5 days and during that time he also took a product called Florastor Kids twice a day (along with his other supplements).  We kept him on Florastor Kids for a week after he finished the antibiotics to prevent bad bacteria from taking over.  Florastor contains good bacteria that can survive in the gut during the use of antibiotics.  It is not a product he takes daily but we will continue to use it as needed.

There are natural alternatives to antibiotics that we use under the supervision of our doctor.  Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) and Colloidal Silver are what we use most often.  My husband and I use Olive Leaf Extract as an alternative to antibiotics but our doctor has never recommended that for the kids.  Most traditional doctors are unwilling to prescribe these treatments.  Please see "The Doctors" tab for help finding a doctor that takes a holistic approach.

C had major yeast overgrowth which caused several complications.  We did a 2 month treatment of Diflucan followed by a one month treatment of GSE.  At the same time we made changes to his diet and increased his probiotics.  We did not strictly follow the Candida Diet but I did find a lot of helpful information on this website.

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