Do You See What I See?

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Rachel has Neurofibromatosis and has had lots of issues with her eyes.  Today was her 'every 3 month' check up and we expected to hear what we have always heard.

But instead of "Rachel's vision has gotten worse", we instead heard whispers of confusion, and double checking of chart notes.

Rachel's left eye, had been 20/200, and was now testing at 20/25.  Her Right eye at 20/20.  I asked the doctors to check a third time, just to be sure.

Sure enough, Rachel's vision has taken a turn for the better!  The doctor said to me, "Sometimes there are no explanation for things that happen."

This was all I needed to hear.  What a blessing!  Of course Rachel had no clue why I was so happy, she was just happy to be done with the exam and wanted get to school in time for lunch.

Thank You God!