Life Expectancy if I Refuse Dialysis

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Renal Failure is not a kind of primary disease. It develops from other kinds of kidney diseases gradually. Due to the long course of disease, the kidneys are seriously damaged and there is very less renal function left. Generally, when the serum creatinine is higher than 5mg/dl or 500umol/l, the doctor will suggest dialysis. Some patients refuse to do dialysis, because they know that dialysis cannot cure their diseases, and only make their renal function less and less. Patients will ask about the life expectancy if they refuse dialysis. Here we have to make it clear what dialysis is.
Dialysis is a kind of blood purification. It can lower down the creatinine level and filtrate other toxins instead of the kidneys. We suggest dialysis because we have to remove the toxins and protect other organs. Too much toxins deposited in our body will increase the burden of our heart and even lead to heart failure. Therefore, we suggest patients with very high creatinine Levels start dialysis, especially those with serious symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, skin itch and diarrhea. If you refuse dialysis, these symptoms will soon make you weak and tired. Without good appetite and with long time vomiting, we can imagine the danger of life. End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Refuse Dialysis Death
However, it doesn’t mean that patients with Renal Failure all have to be on dialysis. If it is not the end stage and the GFR is still not less than 20, there is hope of the reversal of the disease. Choosing conservative therapy in the early stage can effectively prolong life expectancy and even live normal life like healthy people the whole life.
After many years’ research and clinical practice, experts group in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has successfully created Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for patients with Renal Failure. The special Chinese medicine can expand renal arteries, promote blood circulation and ease the high pressure and high perfusion state of the glomerulis. It will repair the glomerular basement membrane, promote the excretion of toxins and waste and remove the symptoms such as high blood pressure and metabolic acidosis. The symptoms like nausea and vomiting will also disappear. The active material of Chinese medicine can arrive directly to the renal lesions and combine with the immune complex and kidney toxicity factors, break them and completely remove them, so as to stop the progressing of the disease.
What’s the life expectancy if I refuse dialysis? Just imagine that our kidneys are suffering from new damage constantly, but the medicine can only control the inflammation on the surface, is it enough? If our kidneys lost their function, we use dialysis to replace it, but the remaining function will also gradually lose until it is zero.
Therefore, dialysis is not the only way for patients with Renal Failure. When we are in the end stage of renal failure, or suggested dialysis by the doctor, we can still consider kidney repair treatment to protect the remaining renal function and avoid dialysis.

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