Immune Deficiency Disorder

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When I had my first post I was debating on how to start it. I usually start my story with something like this: I was in grade 6 when my sister was anorexic and I was in grade nine when she was sent away to rehab for it. That’s when it all started and that’s when I met him. This story however is about me not her so I’m starting it with a major event in my life and how I live. To do this we have to look at the past because it is the only way of understanding the present and hypothesize about the future. So here we go again it was when my doctor told my parents I was dying. Aren’t we all dying though every second of every day? Well they told my parents that I was different and that my immune system was shrinking at a rapid rate and that I was going to get really sick really often. They finally said that by the age of ten I wasn’t going to have an immune system at all. In the time between then I had mononucleosis twice, Pneumonia four times, Bronchitis, one Parasites, worms twice, the stomach flu 4 times every season a total of 16 times a year, a fever once a week, the number of times I had strep was countless, I was diagnosed with asthma, has countless ear and eye infections, the chicken pocks, once a week I would wake up with a fever, I began to have allergies to fruit, trees, and dust, I got migraines and my body was exhausted. Sometimes, at age ten, I would sleep for 24 hours straight. I was always in and out of hospitals and my parents were sick of it.