If you were to build an anti-Bigfoot suit, what would it look like?

Source:  If you were to build an anti-Bigfoot suit, what would it look like?    Tag:  homo habilis physical characteristics

This is the most original idea we've heard from a Bigfoot yet. "Brandon", an avid BFE reader tells us he wants to build a suit so powerful that a Bigfoot could not penetrate it. He's been running the idea through his mind for a while now and now he's serious. The suit would be a "stationary self contained housing unit designed for constant surveillance which can be deployed into any forest, and maintained for a two week time period."

He explains how he would make the suit: "I will volunteer to use the suit or domocile, once it has been built. I gather my inspiration for this idea from the series eaten alive, where the guy dns a carbon fiber suit and lets an anaconda wrap him up. Please contact me back and let me know what you think of my idea, thanks so much."

In an email reply, Brandon responded with more details about his suit after saying it would cost around $10,000:

"I am starting on my plans for the bigfoot capture suit, this project will define what it is to capture bigfoot. My suit starts with a self contained housing unit, which will enable me to sustain myself for the two week period needed for optimum observation. this housing unit will be able to handle two weeks of food, water, and be able to handle the waste as well. there will be cameras covering the unit 360 degrees, and audio, temperature, pressure sensors as well as a proximity sensor so I can know when the big guy is headed towards me. After the housing unit, there will be a second skin made of the strongest material known to man. The goal is observation, I want to be dropped in the most remote location to be able to observe, and be observed by bigfoot as well, while at the same time being able to document and prove his existence, and possibly catch him alive with a tranquilizer, or tag him with a traceable tag, like sharks, but my idea is to have a bunch of small trackers that will get stuck in its hair when it touches the housing unit. this way he can be tracked back home, or a heavy tranquilizer, but I like the tracker idea better. I will catch bigfoot."

Is this an original idea or would do you doubt he will be able to pull this off? Brandon wants to know our reader's thoughts.