One Year

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Wow, it's already been a year finally! I'm a little over due for my update, but I wanted to wait until after my one year post op appointment to make a post. Overall, since before my surgery I can breathe much easier now, as if my chest was never abnormal. However, now that I am out of the healing stages and trying to get back to exercising and living without restrictions, I am finding that the bars can be annoying to deal with. I'll explain. First though, I want to report that my one year post op with Dr. Dassinger went well and he said I'm golden! I was happy to hear the news because I've been experiencing some pain and was worried.

As far as any kind of exercise goes, I've only mostly done cardio (running). I am considering getting into some weight training, but I'll have to wait for the next update to tell y'all about how that goes. Running is totally fine and actually seems to help. I would encourage it. Stretching and working on flexibility are also nice to me. Oh! I tried yoga too. That was the absolute best. Try that too if you are in need of something relaxing as well.

Sleeping positions are probably the hardest thing for me to overcome right now. I always used to sleep on my side before the surgery. I can't even do it for more than a couple minutes now without regretting it soon after. I am getting really tired of sleeping this way. My discharge papers said you're ALLOWED to sleep on your side after 6 weeks though.

Popping noises and moving ribs and bits and pieces are normal. It's going to be embarassing because people think they have broke you or something if they hear it after a hug, but just ignore it if you can. The popping is bad at very first, like every breath you take it's going to pop and hurt and freak you out. Now I just pop and crack and stretch it out and it's all good. You get used to it!

Pain, ah how far I could go with this one. Well here's the deal, you have to take it easy. Don't make your backpack with more than a couple books after you are allowed to carry one. I made that mistake. Don't slump! Don't slouch! It makes it so much worse. After the surgery, you will be stiff as a board. After a few months it's easy to get back in the old ways once things start to heal.

I'm happy to answer any questions if you would like. There is not a lot of self-reports from individuals who have this procedure so I understand the curiosity.