Discovery Links Progeria to Normal Aging

Source:  Discovery Links Progeria to Normal Aging    Tag:  what causes progeria

There are many ways to fight aging, especially on the face. At my Atlanta plastic surgery practice I provide Botox, dermal fillers, Sculptra, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion among other treatments. I also provide surgical procedures such as a forehead lift and face lift. There are so many options that one is bound to suit your aging face’s needs. Of course, these treatments and procedures are only skin deep. We can’t truly turn back the clock, but we can continue to try and understand why we age.

Prior to new findings, it was thought that the body aged due to our cells gradually wearing out. However, new findings show that there is a link between normal aging, and the age-related disease Progeria, which causes children to age at seven times the normal rate. 

Progeria is caused by a mutation in a gene called LMNA that makes the toxic protein known as progerin. The protein is what causes the children to begin aging so quickly. However, new studies have found the same toxic protein in perfectly healthy human beings, but it much lower amounts. Therefore, it could actually be this toxic protein causing all aging; the less progerin, the slower the aging process.

Why is this a huge discovery? It means that aging isn’t what we thought it was. If progerin is the reason why we age, aging is actually a biological mechanism programmed into our cells from birth; a mechanism that is tweaked when it comes to age-related diseases. This not only allows us to understand the aging process, it opens up an understanding towards these diseases as well.

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