LE's Litter

Source:  LE's Litter    Tag:  albino bunny
LE was my very first breeding female and my favorite.  She currently has an adorable litter of seven bunnies.  The Sire of this litter is Oreo and because of that, there are 4 spotted babies who are super cute :)

There's only one albino bunny in this litter and it's a female :)

The light grey bunny is a male :)

And the dark grey bunny is a male too :)

Then we have the spotted bunnies left...

...three of the spotted ones are males and then the last one is a female :)

They are all so cute!

LE is extremely easy going and so her little bunnies are all very friendly :)

So there you go, they're all healthy and very happy.  Not to mention, they're all very cute and I am positive that they will find homes very quickly.