Obesity in the family can be caused by genetics and bad habits

The lack of support for other family members for the weight loss is also a problem 

Several people question why in some families it is so hard for people to get thin? Or why all members are overweight? Still, how can you do to prevent or treat this condition familiar?

The obesity is of concern because it causes illness as a result of increase in weight, more easily increase in blood pressure and the risk of diabetes that shall increase the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke, which are the two leading causes of death in Brazil and worldwide.

Genetic causes of obesity have been studied and several others still controversial and inconclusive information.
Thus, one explanation for overweight several members in the same family is the genetics of obesity. Yet, unfortunately, there are no accepted treatments for these microscopic level to change genetic information of people with this heritage and it does not gain weight.

Indeed, for an absolute majority of families with obesity while still being a consequence of bad eating habits of the older members, who are being experienced and repeated by the descendants. Even for families with genetic inheritance, unhealthy eating behaviors contribute greatly to weight gain.

Another relevant factor, usually commented by people who fail to lose weight for various reasons, is that even in an attempt to reeducate a member of the dietary pattern, other people's household, and does not join, do not collaborate with healthier purchases the recommended food. The person who tried to change the habits can still be criticized.

Thus, obesity in family, internal and consequent individual has genetic causes, but mostly the cause of obesity among family members is shared by eating bugs for a long time and without respect for trying to change.

How to change this scenario? An important alternative is the older ones that hold the house are aware that poor eating habits lead to obesity which tends to diminish the years of life. Given this conclusion, they need to make healthier purchases and set an example for the descendants.

In some more difficult situations, where family members insist on not supporting member seeking healthy weight loss, an alternative might be to move house. After all, a family that does not respect the parent seeking health can not be considered healthy or nutrologicamente nor psychically.

Remember that live longer can depend on healthy eating habits and physical activity. But this is an option for every one that does not resolve with magic but continuous effort.