Snow Cone Success at the Greenway!!!

Source:  Snow Cone Success at the Greenway!!!    Tag:  march of dimes walkathon
Once again the Yakima Skibenders Snocone halfway point seemed a huge success with what we estimate that 350 to 400 snocones and the delicious syrup were given as a refreshement to walkers during the March of Dimes Walkathon April 25th, starting at Sarge Hubbard park and the halfway point was 3 miles to the north were our machine was set up for welcomed walkers and joggers. This was the first time for me to be involved with it, and heard from so many people over the years how popular it is, now I understand why so. Not once did I hear anything negative even while people stood in line waiting for their cones while Andy Evans was yelling like a ringmaster at a carnival thanking everyone for coming and telling them that so long as they come, we'll be there. I was surprised we didn't have to call medics for Andy, his hands were frozen to the bones while shucking all the ice into the cones and pushing them out faster than people could line up. Great job Andy! Thanks to Paul Younie and Tony St. George for helping, and, getting me out to help that chilly morning, it definately made me realize that people have come to expect some of the things we do and showed their appreciation by making it a point to stop and say hello. Thanks to Rhonda, Nita and Ronna for stopping and helping after their first 3 miles, and congratulations for making the complete walk in support of the March of Dimes. Thanks to all the supporters we have for the Yakima Skibenders and look forward to next time. Oh, I almost forgot, thanks Gracie, "Tony and Rhondas daughter" good job, you are a trooper!!! I'll bet you slept good that night.