International Rare Disease Day...!

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Well, it's 3:33am in the morning here in Bris-vegas! I apologise for any typo's in advance, ok..I have been to my GP today! For another fortnightly check up, this time it was to complete some forms, check my BP, and a review of my visit to Dr.P.S's clinic..The forms got done  - my BP is in the 'good' range - and the review was to inform GP about changes to my medicine-dosages, prescription-renewals etc..

Today is "International Rare Disease Day" - I have uploaded 'my-story' + photo to this site;
Rare Disease Day I urge all of you to have a look at this site - I think it's really awesome! What a brilliant idea - to have a whole day dedicated to increasing the 'awareness', worldwide. This is just the vehicle we need to get [our politicians] more pro-active in the understanding of these 'rare' ailments.

Besides that - I have included another 'page', titled; "Related Research" [see link - ]. This is where I'll be posting some of the latest pieces of truth, and ideas from medical-professionals that  I have researched - around Australia and New Zealand. It will include information related to all things neurological, not just TM. The first piece is from the QBI-[Queensland-Brain-Institute], while it is rather 'specific' & quite technical, never-the-less it's a very good read...I have also added a new link in the 'helpful links' page - directly to the QBI. It is very informative.