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Genetically engineered food is food which is enhanced by the addition of genes from different species to make them better. Genes are, in the most basic interpretation, codes that are responsible for certain characteristics, the production of certain enzymes or to create a certain appearance, and in the case of genetically engineered food the genes are often put in place to create enhanced versions of regular food. Since it is quite a costly process to develop, genetically engineered food is patented by large corporations that are responsible for their research and development.Farmers who grow genetically engineered food are greatly benefitted by their added qualities. Some genetically engineered food crops are modified to be able to withstand certain herbicides so that the farmers are able to use them liberally to get rid of weeds while others are created with built in pesticides that repel bugs and other pests. Other genetically engineered food is created with long life and resilience to adverse weather conditions in mind. For instance, some species of corns are created to withstand the harsh chill of winter and to keep them from rotting in heavy rains. Other species such as tomatoes which are one of the first vegetables to be engineered are modified to have a more vibrant colour, better taste and much longer shelf life and additionally Genetics body type.The tolerance of herbicide is one of other benefits of genetically modified foods. Usually, the crops are sensitive for the other weeds in the field and due to the same, crop would produce less amount of production. In the conventional method, the farmer will have to spray chemicals in order to control the weeds, a few times. With benefits of genetically modified foods, farmer will have to use chemicals only one time and the benefits of genetically modified foods do the rest.

Though genetic engineering techniques such as gene splicing of different species or cloning are generally frowned upon by the public as unethical practices that are against the rules of nature, these very procedures can save certain animals from going extinct and from becoming endangered due to manmade effects. The main dangers associated with genetically modified animals and the techniques used to create them are the risks of misuse and the disruption of natural genetic information. Since most modified farm animals are released out to nature, a lot of people are worried that they may cause disruption to the eco system and the delicate balance of nature with their un-naturally enhanced characteristics. It is considered that with the large amount of genetically modified animals and plants in the world today could lead to the acceleration of genetic erosion, harmful and dangerous mutations as well as the creation of all new diseases that could pose a threat to mankind