Prosthesis IV

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Isabella’s hand is up and running again.  We took a several month long hiatus from it due to it being too tight and, consequently, too hot and sweaty, because her little arm (a.k.a. “ooh ooh” – Gabe) had outgrown it once again.  This new hand is an upgrade in not only size but also in its function.    It will be her fourth prosthesis since she acquired her first one at six months old.  Once again, we have “Inner Wheel” to thank for their donation to make this even possible! 

Isabella has to learn a new way to operate this helper hand.  Rather than a simple flex and release to open and close it.  She now has to learn to flex each of two muscles to open or close it.  Isolating those muscles is a little bit of a challenge, but she will learn it with time and practice, just as she always does.  Right now, she is tightening almost every muscle in her body to get it open and closed!  This new function will assist her in being able to use the hand more functionally for different activities by not having the hand accidentally open or close during the activity.  It looks huge on her and I’m sure it feels huge too, but within a few months, it will be just right.  It is so cute to see the progression of prosthetic hands side by side one another as she grows from one to the next.