100 Year Inheritance Episodes 33-34 Recap

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Director calls Mom a thief. Oma immediately tells Director that she’s confused. Director remembers Mom very well. Mom’s Christian name is Agnes. Director tells Mom that she can deceive everyone in the world, but she can’t deceive God. Why doesn’t she know that? Mom declares that she thinks Director is very ill, indeed. Director has a hacking fit. Oma’s weeping. Mom’s crying because of what Director said.

It’s now raining. Mom’s freaking. Oma leaves the orphanage. Mom jumps down her throat about lying about going to the States. Oma can’t believe Mom’s being so mean. But then she stops and asks if Mom is hiding something from her. Mom answers that with a question – which is what people do when they’re lying. Oma declares that there’s no other reason why Mom would hate her staying in Korea. Mom avoids the question by accusing Oma of lying. Oma declares that she was planning on leaving but ended up marrying the man she loves. Period. Why should she have to report to you, anyway, Unni?! It’s not like she’s raised *your* child or anything. Mom can’t believe Oma got married. Oma snarks about Mom being upset that she wasn’t invited. When Mom can’t believe it, Oma snarks about having to ask Mom permission. Mom tells Oma that now that she’s married, they won’t have any reasons to meet in the future. Which is just cold. May the Director’s last words haunt you until you confess!

Oma starts to bring up Chae Won and Se Yoon’s relationship but Mom interrupts her, declaring that once the Director dies, she’s never coming back to the orphanage. She’s going to forget about the past (and the people in it), so Oma shouldn’t look for her. They should never have *anything* to do with each other again. And Mom walks off. Oma can’t believe she talked like that… How could she be like that? Oma sighs, frustrated that she has to hold her tongue for Chae Won’s sake. Oma can’t believe how Mom’s acting when the Director treated her so well. Appa appears. He was doing some maintenance work on the orphanage.

Se Yoon is dropping Chae Won off. After they kissed. I’m surprised they didn’t show it again. He tells her that he’s going pretend that she didn’t submit her resignation. Which is going to make Mom very happy, no doubt, particularly after her visit to the orphanage. He tells her that this is only the beginning. And she needs to have a backbone instead of caving after one talk/threat session from Mom. He tells her that they need to combine their efforts and “attack the enemy.” She tells him that she’s not in the mood to joke around. He says he’s not joking around, but she shouldn’t take it so seriously. It’s all actually really simple, and the answer has been there since the beginning. He takes her hand and tells her that if they don’t waver, they’re destined to win this game. She just needs to be patient and they’ll fight to be together.

As I’m watching this, I can’t help think that Joo Ri completely did herself a disservice by kidnapping Chae Won and threatening her life with a car accident. Considering he lost one woman to a car accident, it was stupid. It was even more stupid because what was its affect? He realized he was in love with Chae Won. He was on the fence before, but that did it for him. 

Chae Won pulls her hand out of his hands and asks him how many times she’s going to have to say that she’s not qualified to become his woman. And what would make her not qualified? Being poor? He takes her hand again and asks her who designed she wasn’t qualified? He says there’s only one criteria to meet to become his woman: she has to be Min Chae Won. Nothing else matters. She starts to protest, yet again, and he tells her that if her loses her, he’ll remain a bachelor for the rest of his life. Period. He tells her that he’ll go to the end of the earth to get her, so she better not even think about running away. She tries to keep a straight face. He smiles at her and tells her to stop being coy by pretending that she’s not deeply moved. She acts offended and he just laughs at her.

Appa and Oma arrive home. Oma explains that she went to visit the Director, who was on her death bed. Se Yoon feels for Oma and Chae Won immediately takes her hand and asks if she’s okay. Oma says that she’s in a more comfortable place now. Oma starts to say something to Se Yoon but decides against it, instead inviting him in for some tea. Appa scoffs about who has tea at this time of night. He tells Se Yoon that he better get going. And Dad tells Chae Won she needs to speak with him later. Oops. Guess you haven’t passed the Appa test, yet. Appa goes on inside without saying goodbye. Oma makes excuses that Appa is tired.

Se Yoon’s left and Chae Won and Oma have gone inside and are talking to Appa. Oma can’t believe how Appa was to Se Yoon. Appa tells Chae Won to sit. Appa asks if they’re dating. She doesn’t answer. He wants an answer and against she doesn’t say anything. Appa announces that he’s against her dating Se Yoon. Oh, great. Way to be helpful, Appa. Oma starts to argue but Appa tells her to stay out of it. Not cool, dude. Appa says that in relationships, when one side is better than the other, too many things can go wrong. And the only thing that makes Se Yoon better is *his money* which isn’t really anything at all. Appa has to go and bring up Chul Kyu. Appa says that the same thing could happen again. Um, not really. Se Yoon is not a Mama’s Boy and he’s already proven that he’ll stand by his woman against his mother. And Appa can’t let her go through that again.

Oma must have heard me. Oma points out that Chul Kyu and Se Yoon *are completely different.*

And I’m going to digress a moment to compare the two men: 

Se Yoon Chul Kyu
Money Could give it up Too Pampered to live without it
Siblings Only Child Younger Sister
Parents Both EMIL
Job Director, Runs committee CEO
Actually seen really working Most of the Time Hardly Ever
Wife v. Mother Wife Mother
Faithfulness/Integrity Faithful Cheated on Wife
Responsible Takes responsibility for others Blames Others constantly
Physical Violence Uses it only when provoked and
lots of warnings are given
Hit wife in fit of rage
Self-Seeking Constantly trying to make others comfortable Only about what he wants
Funny Good sense of humor Not once
Good Dresser The blue suede coat Floral Print Pants
Reaction to Losing Love Depression Threaten to kill himself
Listens to the Woman Yes No
Rescue v. Endanger Rescue more than once and rush
to hospital when needed
Endanger and then not take her to the hospital
Fixer-Upper Likes as Is Wants her to be something else
Honor Parents Will only ignore their wishes
when it means choosing

between them and his love
Constantly ignores EMIL
Friends Hyung, enough said Haven’t seen one
Caves to Parental Pressure Stays true to self even if it’s Embarrassing or painful Married someone he didn’t love to appease EMIL

That’s all I can think of right now, but that’s a lot right there.

Appa declares that there isn’t much difference between them. Appa repeats that he’s against her dating Se Yoon. Appa leaves the room. Oma tells her that she’s opposed to what Appa is saying. Love is not like pork or beef. Why should they be weighed on the scale like one? She should just do what her heart desires. Oma promises to help Chae Won. Oma asks if Chae Won has feelings for Se Yoon. She gives a small nod and looks sad and conflicted.

Se Yoon arrives home. Strangely, Mom is still up. Mom is thinking about Director’s last words and is completely startled by Se Yoon. Se Yoon asks to talk to her but she says that she is not feeling well. She looks after him and cries, horrid stifled cries. Again, saying that Se Yoon is Oma’s stolen son! Orphanage calls. The Director has died. Mom starts to bitterly weep. After all she got cursed by the woman. 

Chul Kyu is drinking. Again. Thinking of confrontation with Se Yoon over Chae Won outside the police station. EMIL comes in and starts yelling at him. She’s always yelling about something. Man. Such a harpy. EMIL takes him up to bed. And then Chul Kyu calls Hong Joo Chae Won. And he’s wearing those horrid floral pants again. EMIL suggests that Hong Joo use this opportunity to *sleep* with Chul Kyu. Not self-degrading at all. EMIL calls Hong Joo naïve when she’s offended at the suggestion.

Auntie is still sleeping at Opera Man’s house and won’t wake up. He decides to take her home, wrapped in the blanket like a burrito. Inside, the family is still up, worrying over her. YUncle declares that she most definitely has a man. EAIL wonders if she’s fallen in love with a married man. Knocking at the door. YAIL answers the door where Opera Man has left her. YUncle comes and carries her upstairs. YAIL kicks him out so she can put some clothes back on Auntie. Auntie starts talking in her sleep to Opera Man. YAIL realizes what she’s said and is completely floored. She goes in and makes no sense in talking about it with YUncle.

Chae Won is thinking. The phone rings; it’s Se Yoon. Her voice is sweet as she answers the phone, since she knows it’s him. He asks her why she’s still up. She was thinking about him, right? Smiling she tells that he said she’s coy, but he’s suffering from prince-syndrome. He replies that he’s already a prince, so why would he waste his time suffering from such an illness. She’s really smiling now and can’t help but laugh. He declares that he’s succeeded. Before he went to bed, he wanted to hear her laugh. He asks why Appa was mad; did he do something wrong? She says that Appa disproves of their relationship. Because Appa is being stupid. It would help if she would explain how *much* Se Yoon has done for her and how respectful and supportive he is. And how he's *not* like Chul Kyu. Se Yoon thought Appa liked him. Chae Won replies that that was before Appa knew he was the Chairman’s son. Se Yoon tells her that he understands why Appa is concerned, so she doesn’t need to worry about it and leave it all to him.

Chul Kyu wakes up with Hong Joo lying on him. I really hope she didn’t do it. She tries snuggling with him, When he protests, she snuggles some more. He looks under the covers and screams. She starts to get mad and he cries that he’s ruined! And I tell Hong Joo to hit him, several times.

Chae Won is serving breakfast. Phone rings. Se Yoon. He tells her that he’s sorry but he doesn’t think they can go on a date that day. He has something he has to attend to. I’m wondering what since he’s dressed really casually and is carrying a box of energy drinks. He tells her that it’s the first day off that they’ve had since they officially started dating. Wait, when did they officially start dating? He didn’t want her to be disappointed if he didn’t ask her out on a date for that day. She laughs and tells him that she’s not disappointed, so he shouldn’t worry. He calls her coy again and asks if he played too hard to get. He says she’s probably going to worry a lot once they get off the phone. She huffs and asks him why he’s being silly so early in the morning. He tells her he’ll call her later when he has time.

Appa and Oma emerge from the bedroom. Oma asks if that was Se Yoon. Chae Won acknowledges that it was and this gets a grunt of disapproval from Appa. Appa tells her not to forget what he said. Oma reminds her to remember what Oma said. Appa grunts his disapproval again. Grandparents emerge. Appa announces that he’s eating with some co-workers that morning. Before Appa leaves he asks Oeharabeoji if he’s feeling okay, because his color is off. Oeharabeoji says he’s taking herbal medicine, so he’s fine. Oehalmeoni doesn’t agree and says that he looks a little yellow and his eyes aren’t bright. He snaps at her and she snaps back. Oehalmeoni asks him he’s sure he’s not sick. He snaps that he isn’t.

Oehalmeoni goes in and starts slapping Auntie awake. Oehalmeoni can’t believe she blew off the date. Auntie says that she drank because she was sad. YAIL asks if Auntie was by herself. Auntie is elusive but YAIL knows there’s something up. Oehalmeoni yells at Auntie for missing the date. Aigoo! After Oehalmeoni leaves, YAIL asks Auntie if her missing the date was because of Opera Man. EAIL overhears and wigs out. And I love how fast EAIL talks! The Uncles barge in and yell Auntie.

Appa arrives at work and discovers that Se Yoon is there, waiting to help him out. So he skipped hanging out with Chae Won to win over Appa. Smart. Appa’s co-workers think that Se Yoon is his son-in-law and they like him because he brought them coffee. Appa clears his throat. The co-workers leave and Appa ‘yells’ at Se Yoon about letting them think he’s the SIL. He wants to know how Se Yoon knew to come there. Oma told him. Se Yoon announces that he’ll be Appa’s assistant. Appa yells at him because this job is not easy and tells him to leave. Se Yoon ignores him and dives in.

Joo Ri is moping. SYMom arrives. EMIL is cold. Mom tells them that Chae Won’s going to be leaving the company, she’ll make sure of that. Because reputation is more important than competence. And Mom has been totally snowed by EMIL and Joo Ri. EMIL is even nice enough to mention Chae Won’s family and Oma were so nasty to her. I roll my eyes.

EAIL has given Oma Mom’s address. She wants to talk to Mom about Chae Won.

AILs go take care of Opera Man, trashing his place to get him to write a statement in his own blood that he’s only into Auntie because of the money.

Appa and Se Yoon are hard at work, even though Se Yoon knows nothing about tools. There’s some wires that need to be yanked out. Se Yoon climbs up a ladder that’s much too short to pull the wires to only be caught by Appa when Se Yoon falls. But all this works in getting Appa to like him. Because Chul Kyu would *never* do anything like that.

Oma’s now waiting at Mom’s. She thinks about the last time they met. Mom enters after ringing her own doorbell. Mom is shocked and begins to yells at the housekeeper for letting her in. Mom demands Oma leave her house. Mom doesn’t want to hear anything Oma has to say and is stricken with head pain and dizziness.

Lunch break. The other guys like Se Yoon because of his work ethic and amiable demeanor. Appa tells Se Yoon to get going, but Se Yoon doesn’t want to leave. And they’re drinking Soju while in the middle of a job.

Chae Won is helping cover Oma’s chores. Oehalmeoni tells her to bring Oeharabeoji his herbal medicine. Se Yoon arrives, really sore. He tells her that he was just helping her Appa. He plops down on the doorstep and promptly gets a nosebleed. Because that’s what happens when you do anything too hard. At least in a k-drama. Se Yoon wigs out about the blood. Chae Won helps him and laughs at how paranoid he is about the nosebleed. She calls him a crybaby. They go into the factory and find Oeharabeoji collapsed on the floor.

Hospital. Chae Won is understandably worried. The doctor comes and tells her that Oeharabeoji fainted from hypoglycemic shock. He’s developed diabetes because he HAS END STAGE PANCREATIC CANCER. It wouldn’t be a family drama if someone didn’t develop cancer. Chae Won and Se Yoon are devastated by the news. As Chae Won starts to cry, Oeharabeoji wakes up. He makes them both promise not to tell the rest of the family (even though Oma knows) and gets them to take him home

Oeharabeoji asks Chae Won to learn the family business so that it will stay alive. Chae Won cries and hugs him while Se Yoon stands supportively nearby.

Chul Kyu is thinking about how he slept with Hong Joo. He even slaps himself several times. Hong Joo is annoyed that he’s acting this way. Downstairs, Joo Ri mentions Chae Won getting fired. And apparently Mom invited them to Dad’s birthday party.

Mom is home in bed, stewing about how Oma knew how to find her. And your lies are closing in… Mom worries that Oma might suspect. Se Yoon arrives and Mom reminds him about Dad’s birthday dinner. Se Yoon decides he’s going to bring Chae Won. Back in his room, he calls Chae Won who tells him that she’s going to go work at the factory. He’s happy for her.

Chae Won says good bye to the cooks at the company. Joo Ri overhears and is happy that Chae Won is leaving. She thinks that Mom got rid of her, even though Se Yoon tore up Chae Won’s original resignation. As Chae Won is leaving the company – again without a box of stuff or anything – Se Yoon catches up with her and tells her that the French guy that bought their Premium noodles wants to have dinner with both of them. Then he takes her to a department store and buys her a new outfit and some killer dazzling high heels. Of course, he tells her that they’re *rented* so that she’ll do it. I am ambivalent about the dress. It’s not as hideous as Geum Jandi’s was that Jun Pyo bought her. As Se Yoon puts the heels on her – because she can’t do it herself, of course – she thinks about the other time he supplied her with shoes. Back when his hair was flat instead of spikey, because he hadn’t moved on from Eun Seol yet. He smiles up at her.

They arrive at the restaurant. Before they go inside, Se Yoon tells her not to get too shocked and just trust him. He takes her hand and they go inside.

Joo Ri and EMIL arrive at Dad’s birthday dinner. She’s snotty even Dad is elegant and respectful and apologetic for Se Yoon dumping her daughter. And Joo Ri is wearing this hideous yellow necklace that *does not* match the rest of her outfit. Se Yoon and Chae Won arrive. Oops! Shocked faces. Dad frowns. Chae Won is horrified. Se Yoon can’t believe that Joo Ri and EMIL are there. EMIL yells at Mom and Dad for their rudeness! Mom protests that they had no idea. Chae Won looks like she wants the floor to swallow her. Mom demands to know what Chae Won is doing there. Chae Won doesn’t say anything. Se Yoon takes another glance at EMIL and then tells Mom that Chae Won’s there so he can introduce her to them officially. EMIL gets up and hauls off and slaps Se Yoon hard across the face/ear. Mom stands up. Everyone is shocked. Se Yoon’s bulging blood vessel!

Thirty Four.

Dad’s birthday party. Se Yoon announces that he brought Chae Won to introduce her officially to Mom and Dad. EMIL gets up and hauls off and hits him. And if that doesn’t tell you something about what type of woman EMIL is, Mom, you are stupid. Joo Ri asks EMIL what she’s doing and EMIL stands there and rants. Then EMIL apologizes to Mom and Dad and Dad is apologetic back for his irresponsible son. Which makes me gag a little. Mom adds that Se Yoon *didn’t* know about EMIL and Joo Ri being invited. And he wouldn’t have brought Chae Won, that’s for sure. EMIL describes her and Joo Ri as the unwelcomed guests and has them leave. Once they’re gone, Mom calls Se Yoon a fool and demands to know how he could dare bring *this* woman here! Then she yells at Chae Won for being a simpleton. Chae Won tries to go, but Se Yoon grabs her wrists to have her stand in place. The vein is still bulging in his forehead.

Se Yoon tells Mom that Chae Won came, not knowing that it was Dad’s birthday celebration. He declares that he lied to her, because if he’d told the truth, he was afraid that she wouldn’t come. And he looks like he’s about to cry. Dad snarks about not being able to eat in peace and stomps off. Mom right after. Se Yoon sighs and declares that it doesn’t look like they’re going to dine then. At this point, I would be a little pissed at my boyfriend for doing that to me. Chae Won sadly asks him why he’s doing this to her. She starts to cry and asks him how he could make her look so pathetic. He puts his arm around her and tells her she doesn’t look pathetic. Why would she, when he’s by her side? Which would have made me laugh. Se Yoon apologizes, but adds that it’s a situation that they’re going to face at least once. Which is still why you should have told her, dude. He tells her they should close their eyes tightly and work it out. He takes her hand and tells her all she needs to do is hold onto him. He tells her it won’t take very long and asks her if she can be patient. Then he pulls her into a hug so she can cry there. His face when he looks at her is very chipper, but as he’s holding her, it’s obvious how much this situation hurts him, too.

Joo Ri is yelling at EMIL because she hit Se Yoon. EMIL tells Joo Ri to give up on Se Yoon which gets a yell in reply. Hong Joo comes downstairs and EMIL yells at her about the Home Shopping Network deal. EMIL asks for a dinner with Hong Joo’s mother. Cryptic phone conversation between Mrs. Park and her husband. What every “has been decided just like that” has Hong Joo looking very nervous. Upstairs, Chul Kyu is gathering up bedding. He’s planning on sleeping in the library. When she complains, Chul Kyu tells him all the rooms in his heart are filled up with Chae Won. After he leaves. Hong Joo sobs.

Se Yoon’s dropping Chae Won off. He doesn’t want to go home. She asks him why he decided to create the crisis, then. He asks her if she’d rather he be afraid. Which is a great question. Would she rather be constantly sneaking around? And the answer is no. She tells him that if she were his parents’ shoes, she wouldn’t want him to date her either. He tells her that now is not a time for navel gazing, but a time to give him strength. He promises that the heart ache they’re giving their parents now, they’ll pay back later. She reluctantly concedes.

Before he goes, Se Yoon asks Chae Won for a charge. She has no idea what he’s talking about. He explains about seeing her and Appa charging at the bus stop and feeling really envious. She laughs at him and he clucks at her to hurry, since he’s half empty. She starts laughing as he puts their foreheads together. Rather quickly she declares him charged, but he protests that he’s only half-charged. So they sit there for a minute. Se Yoon declares charging complete. And I want a Se Yoon. He smiles at her and says thank you. He tries to go, but she stops him and reminds him about the clothes. He clucks at her about being clueless because *they’re already paid for* and asks what he’s going to do with her.

Inside, Appa is looking at his phone and laughing. Oma asks why he’s grinning so much. It’s a post from Se Yoon: Father, today is very windy. When you’re on the job today, make sure your safety lines are secure before working. Fighting! Oma gives him a hard time about being fickle with his dislike. They both have become quite fond of him, although Oma isn’t sure why. It must be because he’s serious about Chae Won. Appa sighs and worries.

Chae Won has brought Oeharabeoji the herbal medicine. He asks her about quitting and she says that she’s been wanting to learn how to make noodles for a while now.

AILS arrive to show Auntie the contract signed by Opera Man. They lie about how they got it. Auntie refuses to believe it. Uncles arrive and AILs are secretive. Auntie storms out. Auntie heads over to Opera Man’s house, where he’s sulking. She tries to get him to tell her the truth but he continues to lie. She starts to cry and leaves. He consoles himself with the piano and Auntie sits outside his house and listens.

Se Yoon arrives home to his waiting Mom. She can’t believe he brought that woman! Is Se Yoon declaring war? Se Yoon asks her if 3 years ago wasn’t enough. Mom declares that if it were a suitable woman, she wouldn’t be like this. She’s a divorcee!!! And you would have done it, too, if you knew *why* she did it. Se Yoon declares that he loves her – something he thought he’d never feel again – and that this should be enough for Mom. Mom protests that there are better women out there! He replies that it’s to *her* standards, but for him, a good woman is Chae Won. She can’t believe who’s pulled the wool over his eyes. Don’t you mean your eyes, Mom, since you’re the one who’s been snowed by EMIL and Joo Ri. I mean, what kind of person comes up with the crap that Joo Ri came up with? Including kidnapping and almost killing someone, with your son watching, knowing that he was traumatized by his fiancée dying in a car accident. Who does that? And you just excused that away, but one exchange where Chae Won was ‘demanding’ money and she’s horrid? He begs his mother not to see Chae Won badly and to trust them both.

Mrs. Park tries to hide the newspaper from EMIL. For a reason, because what Hong Joo was freaking about has been published in the paper: TSGM and TSGF are getting divorced. And it’s rather scandalous because stuff about the affair is in there. EMIL runs upstairs to get an explanation from hjoo4EMIL runs upstairs to get an explanation from Hong Joo. Hong Joo has one of her fits, with Mrs. Park bringing the plastic hyperventilating bag.

Chae Won’s ready to get to work. She happily cleans the clean factory equipment. And then there’s more noodle fingering. Flowers arrive from Se Yoon, offering her congratulations on her new job! She calls him at work and he tells her that he should have sent a whole truck full. Joo Ri overhears the conversation, with his promise to call later, and is sad. And I don’t care. I hate that this character is the 2nd lead, because I’d just really like to not have to see her sulking. 

Siblings find out that Chae Won is joining the contest and are upset. EAIL thinks it’s strange that YUncle and YAIL aren’t saying anything. And we know that it’s because Oma knows their secret. Appa, Oma and Chae Won promise the siblings the money if they win.

Myung Soo’s Noodle from 40 years ago. Elders made noodles out of soybeans because back in the day, a nearby tofu factory used to give out free beans to the poor. Youngers made fermented-bean Jang-Dan noodles . A really rare bean that’s Paju’s specialty. Auntie made chicken noodle soup, because Opera Man’s hometown is where Myung Soo’s mother was from and people from there really love their chicken noodle soup. Myung Soo had no idea her mother was a refuge from the North. Oma has Sujebi (a Korean traditional soup consisting of dough flakes roughly torn by hand and includes various vegetables). Oma heard that Oeharabeoji used to give out the short noodles to his poor employees. Oeharabeoji adds that you can take these short noodles and use them to make longer noodles and the soup. Appa adds that the wild sesame seed noodle is one of the favorites during hiking season. Since Myung Soo was sick with tuberculosis when she was young, her mother used to take her by piggyback to the temple and feed it to her. Myung Soo declares she remembers they hiking and being sick. She cries. Chae Won serves their soup and it’s the Sujebi that Myung Soo ate. She tells the grandparents that she’s grateful that the noodles helped her remember the past. Oeharabeoji declares that noodles are there to simply make someone full, but to create memories.

From the matchmaker, EMIL gets the lowdown on TSGM’s divorce, including the fact that Hong Joo is the result of an affair. EMIL attacks Matchmaker some but the woman is able to escape. Hong Joo is home in bed. Chul Kyu tries to cheer up. She yells at him for pitying her and stomps out.

Noodle House. Opera Man, at the AILs, withdraws from the contest. Auntie tries to get Opera Man to admit his feelings, since the song he played on the piano was one Schubert dedicated to his wife. YUncle comes outside, having noticed something was up and threatens Opera Man. Then he takes him into the factory and starts beating him up. Auntie gets in the way and he punches by accident. The siblings drag her back inside. YUncle calls Opera Man a gigolo so Auntie starts hitting him. Appa’s treating Opera Man’s lip with Oma. Opera Man hopes they’ll support a relationship with Auntie, but they call the idea crazy.

Chae Won takes Bo Reum out to a toy store and buys him some Legos. Yes, Legos – nice product placement. The logo is everywhere. Se Yoon calls wanting to have dinner. Mom is at the noodle factory. Is she going to run into Se Yoon? Appa finds her. She identifies herself and he’s decidedly less comfortable. Even still, he invites her inside but she wants to go to a coffee shop.

At the coffee shop, Mom apologizes to Appa for just showing up. Mom wants Appa to help discourage the relationship. She asks him whether Se Yoon shouldn’t have a wife who can help him, since he’s heir to the company. The word divorcee leaves Mom’s lips. Appa explains that he understands her point of view. However, there may not be anything superficial to show off about Chae Won, she is very honest, nice, and respectful. He's not ashamed of her at all. Mom still tries to reason with him.

EMIL comes home and demands to know where Hong Joo is. Then she storms upstairs to scream at her. Coco gets to have a scene (and he’s wiggly today). Hong Joo grabs her already packed back and leaves, but not before telling EMIL that the next time she’s going to sell her son, she should at least do a background check.

Se Yoon arrives at the noodle factory. Appa just back from the Mom meeting. He wants to talk. They go to a pork restaurant. Soju’s flowing. Appa tells him that he spoke with Mom. Appa says that he doesn’t like position or power. He wants Chae Won to marry a guy who is her equal so she can live a happy life. Appa declares that he’d rather die than see Chae Won being scorned and looked down on again. Se Yoon declares that it’s not going to happen. Appa tells him that the same thing happened 3 years ago, with Chul Kyu saying the same things. But Se Yoon isn’t a Mama’s boy. Appa says that Se Yoon’s heart will change. Se Yoon declares he isn’t someone who changes easily. Which is why he stuck it out with Eun Seol.

Se Yoon asks Appa how he can show that he’s sincere: give up everything he has? Appa says that until Se Yoon gets formal acceptance from his parents, he shouldn’t *think* about meeting with Chae Won. Se Yoon chugs the drink Appa poured for him and tells him about Eun Seol. He says that losing someone again because of his parents is not something he wants to go through. Appa is understandably shaken.

Appa goes home after drinking a lot with Se Yoon. He asks Oma how she feels about Se Yoon. Oma declares that she’s quite fond of him. Since he is her son and all. Appa likes him too, because he’s straight-forward and sincere. Appa mentions that Mom came by and Oma is pensive as to what she should do.

Chae Won is making noodles. Se Yoon comes up behind her and surprises her with a hug. She tells him he smells like alcohol and asks if he drank Soju accidentally again. He tells her about drinking with Appa. He tells that he begged. Then he asks her if he did well. She doesn’t answer at least not until he bugs her a couple of times. Where’s my Se Yoon?

EMIL notices the house is quite. Mrs. Park is nowhere to be found. Chul Kyu’s sitting in his bedroom drinking. And Joo Ri is packing her stuff to go stay at a friend’s house, at least until she’s over Sunbae. EMIL thinks about it and decides that she needs to put Chae Won back “where she belongs.” It’s good for her family to do so. So she goes to the noodle factory.

Chae Won is busy making noodles and EMIL has her nice face on. And the performance commences. EMIL goes and embraces Chae Won, crying and begging Chae Won to forgive her. And I gag as the episode ends.