As Spooky As Crochet Can Be

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It's hard to be spooky when you're a little crocheted pumpkin or a little crocheted bat - but it's easy to be cute, and I much prefer cute over spooky any day!

I made the pumpkin as part of my first-ever crochet-along via Crochet Every Day.  He turned out kinda lumpy and he definitely has a "back" (which is kinda flat) and a "front" (which is more presentable)...just like a real pumpkin, I suppose.  

The bat pattern was featured at Crochet Every Day and can be found here.  I wanted to make it for Susannah right away because she's intrigued by the bat in Stellaluna and enjoys pretending to be "baby bat" these days.  She doesn't play with it much, though.  Not because she doesn't like it, but because bats are nocturnal and sleep during the day - duh!  Right now it's hanging upside down from a drawer knob in her makeshift blanket cave.  It'll probably be there until it gets dark outside. 

The Batty Bat song that the Count sings with the little bat puppets on Sesame Street has been playing in my head for the past couple of days now.

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