100 Year Inheritance Episodes 39-40 Recap

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Thirty Nine.
Mom’s reading that letter from the Director. Why the Director didn’t make things right a long time ago… I don’t think God’s going to be too happy with how the Director let things continue until she wouldn’t have to deal with the blow back of everything being revealed. Director hopes that Mom will confess her sin and gain some peace. It’s the Director’s final gift to Mom. Mom doesn’t see it as a gift and declares that the Director is really cruel. Mom immediately calls the orphanage and is told that the nun with the diary has gone off to a retreat for a month and can’t be reached at all.

Oma’s delighted at Se Yoon’s news. Se Yoon turns down the offer for tea. He almost leaves but then turns around and tells Chae Won to see him in her dreams. Dirty bird! Chae Won laughs. Oma tells him she heard him! He invites Oma to join them and Oma tells him she’s not clueless. Oma is so happy for Chae Won! And that’s a load off Oma’s mind since Mom’s not going to be causing Chae Won problems.

Mom is drinking brandy. Se Yoon arrives home and Mom hides the glass. She starts to ask if he went to see that woman, but corrects herself to call Chae Won by her name. Se Yoon happily says yes. Mom thinks Chae Won must have been very happy. Se Yoon adds that Oma was as well. Mom tells him to go up and go to bed but before he does, he thanks her and tells her that he loves her. Once he’s gone, Mom breaks down.

Appa can’t believe it. And he’s happy. He tells Chae Won that she has to do her best.

EMIL’s calling EAIL, who tells EMIL that Mom and Dad have approved Se Yoon’s relationship with Chae Won. EMIL starts screaming at EAIL. EAIL starts screaming at her back and EMIL starts to back-pedal and being nice again. EMIL gets off the phone. Chul Kyu arrives and tells him the news, which Joo Ri overhears. She can’t believe that Mom would *ever* agree to the relationship. Chul Kyu – wearing a Superman shirt – tells Joo Ri not to fear! But she just yells at him for talking big.

Now back at Noodle House. YUncle tells YAIL they need to get things straight between them. YUnc wants them to register their marriage again. YAIL poo-poos the idea. YUnc whines. YAIL says that she’ll consider it, if he settles down and works really hard at the Noodle Factory. YUnc replies that it’s been a while since he’s settled down and he’ll work hard. She tells him she’ll consider it. YUnc whines some more. She snaps at his and he stomps out.

Chae Won tells YUnc that Auntie has left the house. YUnc wigs out. The Sibs think she’s lost her mind and determine to go hunt Auntie down. Over at Opera Man’s, he’s begging her to move on and stop liking him. He tells her that he’s 60 and she replies that they could live to be 100 and how does he know that she won’t die first. Opera Man starts to break and YUnc arrives. The Sibs start yelling for Auntie to come out. Opera Man wants to go out and beg their forgiveness. YUnc blows his whistle and pounds on the door, but then the Sibs want to give up. They go home, with YAIL dragging YUnc by the whistle.

As they lay in bed, Oehalmeoni is clucking at Oeharabeoji. He declares that the Sibs will understand in time. When is he going to fess up? If he dies like this, Oehalmeoni will be devastated.

Next day, Se Yoon tells Chae Won that she’s been invited over to the house for dinner. Then, when Oehalmeoni wants to go wake Auntie, they cover for her. Opera Man has made Auntie breakfast. When he calls her Director, she tells him that they’re married now and he should call her Yeobo. The Sibs arrive. Auntie declares that they’ve gotten married. YUnc punches Opera Man and the Sibs are shocked when Auntie calls Opera Man Yeobo and refers to him as her husband. YUnc’s about to hit Opera Man again when Opera Man tells YUnc to hit him instead. They eventually drag Auntie home. YUnc declares that they need to shave Auntie’s head and lock her up.

Oehalmeoni arrives outside and Auntie starts crying. She says that she has something to tell Oehalmeoni but the Sibs keeps yelling, in unison, for Auntie not to.

EMIL’s waiting in a café. Mom arrives with a cold demeanor. Oh, I really hope Mom lays into EMIL and gives her what-four! EMIL is pleasant. Mom wants her to get to the point. EMIL declares that she heard some strange news… that Mom gave her approval for Se Yoon and Chae Won to be together. Mom affirms that. EMIL slaps the table as if restraining herself from slapping Mom. She tries to remain composed. But she tells Mom that Mom made false promises of marriage to Joo Ri. Mom thinks that’s a little harsh. When EMIL doesn’t think so, Mom replies by bringing up what EMIL did to Se Yoon, framing him and bothering him. Mom can’t believe EMIL would even think of then having Se Yoon as her SIL. Is she that greedy? Mom declares that EMIL’s behavior shocks her. EMIL starts to try to ‘explain,’ and Mom can’t believe how EMIL secretly locked Chae Won up and framed Chae Won as an adulterer. Mom tells EMIL that she couldn’t even dream of how scary a person EMIL is. EMIL tries to excuse it all, saying there was a situation. Mom doesn’t want to hear any more. EMIL tells Mom that she has a weird personality. EMIL can’t believe that Mom would only listen to one side of the story! Although that’s what Mom was doing before when she bought all of your lies, EMIL! Mom declares that she will never, ever let Se Yoon end up with Joo Ri, because EMIL would be his EMIL. She also hopes they never see each other again. Mom walks away. EMIL isn’t done yet.

Noodle Factory. Oeharabeoji is proud and grateful that the Sibs are back. He turns the factory over to them all and declares that he’s going to go on a vacation with Oehalmeoni. Only Chae Won knows what Oehalmeoni really is thinking. And it’s a Fighting cheer. Everyone gets to work. I still don’t get why they hang the noodles outside. There’s horn honk and it’s Chul Kyu. He's brought her a new delivery truck. Chae Won asks him why she would accept a present from a stranger. Chul Kyu protests that he and Hong Joo have totally broken up, divorce stamp and everything! Chae Won asks why she cares. Chul Kyu can’t believe her attitude. Chul Kyu even starts to beg, but Chae Won tells him to go and walks away. EAIL comes out and hands Chul Kyu the purse EMIL gave her. He shove the purse into EAIL’s hands along with the truck keys and runs off.

EMIL’s meeting with her broker, who tells her about how Chul Kyu gave all that stock to Hong Joo. Chul Kyu arrives and EMIL glares at him. Broker leaves and EMIL beats him with a magazine. EMIL freaks out when he mentions the building and the land on Jeju. More yelling by EMIL.

Se Yoon is looking at rocks, er, engagement rings. They are huge. But he picks something small. And he runs into Joo Ri as he’s leaving. He’s awkward and gets out of there quickly. Joo Ri declares she’s not going to forgive either of them! Mom heads over to hunt down the Nun with the diary, or at least rifle through the sister’s room. Mom doesn’t find it. Because it’s already in the mail, Mom. Mom declares that if they dig up the past, there will be nothing good for her and Oma. It kills me that she lumps Oma in that sentence.

Chae Won’s dressed for her dinner with the in-laws. Oma gives Chae Won a bouquet of lilies for Mom.

EMIL’s home sulking in bed over the consolation money and stuff he gave Hong Joo. Joo Ri declares that she’ll take over EMIL’s company. Plus she’s going to try to get revenge with it, I’m sure. Joo Ri declares she has one more thing to do before she resigns from Se Yoon’s company.

Opera Man’s come by the Noodle Factory. Oehalmeoni is happy to see him. He tries to not call her MIL. Oehalmeoni brings him inside and the Sibs can’t believe he’s there. Upstairs, YAIL has been keeping guard over Auntie. Auntie runs downstairs, but the Sibs won’t let them sit by each other. Oehalmeoni’s upset at how they’re treating Opera Man. Auntie keeps trying to admit everything but gets food shoved in her mouth.

Chae Won and Se Yoon arrive at the house. Mom loves the cana lilies. Se Yoon mentioned that Oma picked them out. At the dinner table, Dad tells Chae Won she should be comfortable. Not the easiest dinner, because Mom keeps staring at Chae Won.

EMIL yelling at Chul Kyu about the land. Then she mentions how Se Yoon’s about to proposed to Chae Won. Chul Kyu declares he’d rather die than live without Chae Won!

After dinner, visiting in the living room. Dad tells Chae Won that his father spoke of Oeharabeoji in glowing terms. Se Yoon agrees that Oeharabeoji is a really good man. Dad says that when they found out that she was born into such a good house, it was easy to accept her. Mom interrupts her husband. She asks if Chae Won is okay, since she’s been having cold sweats all evening. As if in an answer, Chae Won starts wincing in pain, even though she says that she’s fine. Se Yoon mentions that she might have indigestion. Mom hurries and gets her some medicine.

Chae Won ends up laying down *in Se Yoon’s room.* Mom comes in to check on her. Chae Won apologizes for the problem. Mom sits and offers to do acupuncture on Chae Won’s. At the color of Chae Won’s blood, Mom declares that her indigestion must have been severe! As Mom tends to her, Chae Won smiles. When Mom asks why she’s smiling, Chae Won admits that she was really nervous because Mom seemed like a really scary person. Chae Won says that now she seems very nice. Mom asks Chae Won if she came across like a witch. Chae Won stammers a no. Mom says that she was teasing Chae Won. Chae Won encourages Mom to please feel at ease when they talk. Mom admits that when she was watching Chae Won eat at dinner, it reminded her of herself 40 years ago. Mom says that she’s not a scary person really and admits to causing heart ache for Chae Won. Chae Won is nice and says that she probably would have done the same thing, if she had a son as great as Se Yoon. But, no you wouldn’t. Just saying. Chae Won apologies for having lots of faults and says that she will try her best. Se Yoon comes in to see Mom kindly holding Chae Won’s hand.

Oma is waiting for Chae Won to get home. Appa arrives home and tells his wife that he told her not to wait up for him. She clucks back that she’s waiting for Chae Won to come home from the dinner. Appa forgot. Which means that Appa’s not worrying at all any more. A good thing. Appa thanks Oma for loving Chae Won like her own daughter. Oma replies that she thinks of Chae Won as if she gave birth to the girl. As they’re laughing together, Chae Won and Se Yoon return.

Se Yoon procrastinated so he still hasn’t proposed. The ring’s right there, but he leaves it in the car while he goes out to greet Oma and Appa. Se Yoon mentioned that they enjoyed Chae Won’s visit. Appa asked whether Chae Won made any mistakes. Thanks, Appa. Chae Won tells them that she got sick with indigestion while she was there, but Mom made her feel better using acupuncture.

Mom is pacing. She’s trying to figure out damage control before Oma receives the diary. She should get Se Yoon married ASAP and send him to a foreign branch. Because Oma wouldn’t know how to find her son when she finds out Se Yoon is her son and not Mom’s.

Dad and Mom arrive at a restaurant. They meet a waiting Se Yoon and Chae Won. Really nicely decorated table. Dad announces that they must have arrived *before* everyone. Family dinner, where the two families meet? Danger, Danger, Will Robinson! Se Yoon checks his watch and says that Chae Won’s family should be coming soon. Mom and Dad sit. Mom asks Chae Won if her family’s been a little nervous, since they’re rushing the marriage. Wait! We didn’t even get to see the proposal!!! What’s up with that?!! Chae Won admits that they have been a little. Se Yoon interjects that he’s very happy, regardless, and thanks Mom. He is such a big dork! Mom sighs and Dad remarks that Se Yoon is getting bolder by the day. Then he laughs.

Mom encourages Chae Won and Se Yoon to marry ASAP. Under the excuse of helping Se Yoon regain his emotional stability. Appa and Oma arrive, along with Oehalmeoni and Oeharabeoji (both of which look awesome in their traditional attire). Mom leaves for the restroom. The family arrives and exchange greetings, with Oma hanging in the back until everyone else introduces themselves. Dad’s completely surprised to see her, and especially when she announces that Chae Won is her daughter. Dad’s happy to see her.

Mom arrives, surprised that everyone is there. Oma’s trying to hide, but when Mom sees her, Oma gives her a big smile and calls her Unni. Mom looks like she’s about to pass out, especially when Se Yoon says that Oma’s Chae Won’s Oma.

Everyone is at the dinner table. Se Yoon and folks on one side, Chae Won and family on the other. Appa’s declaring that the fate of their children is special, since Mom and Oma were friends since childhood. Haven’t see Mom’s face yet. There she is, looking practically catatonic. Oma tells Mom that she was going to mention being Chae Won’s Oma a couple of times, but she didn’t want to cause any problems for Chae Won. Dad can’t believe that it would cause any type of conflict. There’s no way. Dad asks Mom why she’s not saying anything. Mom just says that she’s shocked. And after drinking something, she spills her water. Oma tries to apologize, but Mom just glares at her.

Oeharabeoji thanks Mom and Dad for approving the marriage and giving them a great son-in-law. And now’s the time where Dad is ‘modest’ and his new in-laws get to compliment him on his great son... But it is nice to see how much the family likes Se Yoon. Oehalmeoni declares that Se Yoon is the best son-in-law in Korea. Chae Won and Se Yoon look at each other and laugh. Mom ‘suddenly’ gets a bad headache. Dad explains that Mom has low blood pressure and anemia, so this sometimes happens. Apologies and Se Yoon’s side leaves. Appa tells Chae Won to hurry and join them, so she does so. Oma wonders if Mom’s like that because Chae Won’s her daughter.

Dad wants Mom to go to the doctor, but she’s taken medicine and is now lying in bed. Flashback which starts to explain. She switched babies! Chae Won brings Mom some water. Please don’t start being nasty to her… Mom asks Chae Won how Oma became her Oma. Chae Won explains about her mom died when she was young and Appa married Oma recently. Chae Won remarks that she never would have thought that Oma and Mom would know each other. Mom almost snaps at Chae Won as she asks Chae Won to leave. Once she’s alone, Mom declares that this marriage can *never* happen.

Noodle House. Oeharabeoji has laid down and Oehalmeoni is wondering about Auntie. She wonders if the girl is love sick and declares that she’d be that way and get married! Appa and EAIL are cagey, but Oehalmeoni doesn’t notice. EAIL wonders why Mom suddenly got a headache. Upstairs, YAIL has fallen asleep. Auntie has made a rope and thrown it out the window. EAIL arrives just in time to keep Auntie from climbing her way to freedom. Opera Man’s at the bottom and gets chased by the Uncles into colliding into something and getting knocked down.

Opera Man goes out drinking with Appa and Uncles. YUnc almost beats Opera Man up 4 times. They need to stop giving him liquor.

EMIL and Joo Ri. Joo Ri wants to get into the noodle business and destroy Se Yoon’s company. She’s already stolen some info and people from the company. And what market of noodles? “Well-being noodles,” the exact market Chae Won’s noodles are in. What a coincidence. The one thing Joo Ri doesn’t have is the recipe, but she figures that those folks she hires can figure it out themselves. That’s why they had a contest for the best noodles. Because it’s just a snap to work something like that out. She’s poached the company’s previous noodle makers. Joo Ri declares that ignoring her was such a big mistake, they (Se Yoon and Co.) are going to pay; she’s going to crush them!

Chul Kyu’s meeting EAIL at a café. This woman needs to stop. EAIL mentions the engagement and then tells Chul Kyu that he should stop. She holds out the bag EMIL gave her and tries to give it back to Chul Kyu. He won’t take it. And then he also passes her an envelope with cash in it. She takes it, ‘reluctantly. EAIL mentions about the strangeness between Mom and Oma.

Chae Won’s making Mom some porridge. Se Yoon tells her that seeing her like that makes him feel like a newlywed. Chae Won clucks at him about not even proposing yet. Se Yoon pretends to hate the idea of having to formally propose. Se Yoon goes over and hugs her while smelling the soup. It’s a really nice image. Mom sees them and thinks, “How can I undo this?”

Dad’s on the phone with Oma, who’s called to find out how she is. He tries to pass the phone to Mom, but as soon as Mom finds out it’s Oma, she quickly goes and lies down.

Auntie-Opera Man angst and drama. Opera Man is at a cabaret performing. Cheesy, cheesy dancing. And I think Opera Man just got a new agent.

Chul Kyu plotting to get Chae Won back.

Se Yoon’s dropping Chae Won off. He hands her a box of ‘chocolates.’ But from the look on his face when she asks about them, I don’t think they’re chocolates. The ring, maybe? Taking them inside, Chae Won offers the chocolates to Oehalmeoni to eat. Oehalmeoni chomps on the ring, so she and Oeharabeoji know. Se Yoon’s waiting outside for to Chae Won to eat them. Finally, he calls her and asks if she ate the chocolate. She tells him she gave them to Oehalmeoni. Se Yoon can’t believe it. Okay, so he’s not perfect. You normally propose *while* you’re with the person.

The Sibs and Appa and Oma are discussing what to do about Auntie and Opera Man. Se Yoon comes rushing in with a bouquet. Chae Won comes downstairs and asks him why he’s still there. He grumbles at her. His perfect plan ruined. He complains, asking what kind of woman is this cluleless?! He starts to talk about the chocolate but stops and leans in to ask if Oehalmeoni has gone to sleep. And now he’s making me laugh. And just then, Oehalmeoni comes out of the bedroom, a big smile on her face. She holds out the ring and asks if he’s come to look for this. Everyone is excited for the proposal but then Oehalmeoni declares that she can’t give back the ring, which makes Se Yoon’s face fall. But then Oehalmeoni pats her cheek and tells him to leave a stamp there. So funny and sweet! Se Yoon’s momentarily embarrassed, but then tries to be all sly as he gives her the kiss on the cheek. Oehalmeoni declares that she is happy and hands back the ring.

So there’s Se Yoon with the ring. In front of everyone. And now he looks nervous. Not a sight you normally see on Se Yoon’s face. Appa tells him to hurry and propose. Oma tells him to get down on one knee and do it properly. EAIL clucks that it’s not the 80s; he doesn’t need to be so old-fashioned. The Sibs start chanting for Se Yoon to do it! Chae Won tells them to stop because they’re embarrassing Se Yoon. He smiles awkwardly, because it’s true. They pause for just a moment and then start again, even louder. Se Yoon takes a big breath and dives right in. Down on one knee, he holds out the flowers and asks her to please accept his heart. Chae Won’s about to accept when YAIL tells her to play hard to get. Se Yoon complains that his arms are about to break. Chae Won takes the flowers. Se Yoon asks for her hand and he slides the really beautiful ring on it.

Oehalmeoni starts chanting Kiss! Kiss! Everyone’s shocked but then the Sibs start chanting, too. Appa and Oma are laughing. Se Yoon declares, “Thank you for giving me this chance!” And then he kisses her on the *cheek.* Appa almost immediately complains for him to stop. YUnc tells Se Yoon to kiss Chae Won on the *lips* to see what Appa’s reaction would be. I’m rolling. Se Yoon asks Appa if he should and Appa declares that Se Yoon can’t *ever* kiss Chae Won on the lips! Then he starts laughing. And Oeharabeoji is now standing in the doorway, smiling.

Oma’s gone to meet Mom at a café. Mom tells her to sit. Mom wants to know Oma’s intentions. Mom asks why Oma hid Chae Won being her daughter, “almost to the point of being deceitful.” Mom sometimes just really kills me with how she looks at things from her guilty conscience. Oma declares that Mom’s bad opinion of her stopped the words from coming out. Oma says that she was afraid that Mom would base her disapproval of Chae Won on her feelings toward Oma, rather than Chae Won’s merits. Mom asks if Oma was playing with her all this time. Oma can’t believe she just said that. And I can barely either. This woman! Mind’s gotten warped covering her sin.

Oma asks Mom what happened to make Mom change into this person? Mom declares that she *hasn’t* changed. Oma replies that Mom shouldn’t lie! Mom used to be like Oma’s *real* sister, a blood-related sister. Director used to say the same thing. Mom replies that she’s forgotten everything, so to hell with all the talk about the past. Mom declares that she has no intention of becoming in-laws with Oma, so they should just pretend that they never talked about it. Oma can’t believe that Mom wants to break up the wedding because she's Chae Won’s Oma. Mom declares that that *is* the reason. Oma can’t believe how selfish Mom is being. Oma tells Mom to think about the kids and Mom replies that they’ll understand in time. Sure they will… You’re being completely unreasonable and are harboring a terrible secret. They’ll definitely understand you destroying their happiness to ease your suffering and guilt. Oma begs Mom to tell her the reason for Mom being like this. Mom won’t!

Oma declares that even if Mom says, the kids aren’t going to break up. Mom declares that she’s going to do her best to make that happen and Oma should help. Oma refuses. She wants Se Yoon as her SIL. Mom throws water in Oma’s face and hisses that Oma shouldn’t entertain such an absurd ambition. And I’m sitting here thinking, when the truth comes out, you’re going to wish you’d been nicer to Se Yoon’s real mom. Mom heatedly, almost desperately declares that she will *never* give Oma her Se Yoon! Oma looks at Mom like she’s crazy. Mom stalks off and Oma just holds her anger in.

Competition award ceremony. EUnc is there and only too proud! During the picture, Se Yoon holds Chae Won’s hand, which surprises her, but then they smile at each other. EUnc proudly signs the marketing agreement. Joo Ri watches it all with evil intent. And I’d just like to slap her into next week.

Joo Ri’s plan moves forward with the noodle researchers. Chul Kyu barges in and almost discovers what Joo Ri and Oma are doing, but doesn’t. Chul Kyu heads over to Appa’s construction site. Wearing a pink jacket and white pants. Se Yoon wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that outfit, to begin with, and knows better than to wear it to a construction site. He’s remembered what EAIL said about how Se Yoon scored points with Appa by working at the site. Doesn’t Chul Kyu plan on working? No. He’s hired caterers to feed the construction crew. He goes and finds Appa, who looks at him like he’s crazy for being there. Chul Kyu declares that he’s always felt badly about not helping FIL out, so he’s here now. His co-workers are confused because he’s calling Appa FIL. They conclude that Appa must have more than one daughter. Chul Kyu points out the buffet and invites them to eat. The co-workers gush about how awesome Appa’s SILs are, but Appa’s glaring at Chul Kyu.

The co-workers go off to eat but Appa’s not. He asks Chul Kyu what the deal is. Why this nonsense? He wants to know what Chul Kyu’s after (since it’s so out-of-character). Chul Kyu protests that he’s not after anything, except getting their relationship back to where it was. Appa can’t believe what he’s saying. Chul Kyu keeps going, not realizing that he’s ticking Appa off. Appa asks if Chul Kyu eat something bad. Is he in his right mind? And now I’m shaking my head. It’s really hard to believe that this is the same guy who played the cool dad in ‘The Heirs.’

Chul Kyu declares that he loves Chae Won. And then he pulls out his divorce decree and shows it to Appa. Appa can’t believe how clueless Chul Kyu is: does he think that because he’s now single that automatically means that he’s going to start over with Chae Won? When Chae Won heartily agrees that this is what he’s thinking, Appa grabs him by the lapel ( with the angriest look I’ve ever seen on Appa’s face). He declares that until dirt gets into his eyes (he dies), it’s not going to happen! Or in Americaneze – over my dead body! Then Appa threatens Chul Kyu with pain if Chul Kyu shows up in front of him again. Appa throws Chul Kyu backward – and I laugh as Chul Kyu falls on his rear. Appa walks off.

Mom’s made it to the orphanage and is intercepting the nun with the diary. But the nun has already mailed it. Mom almost passes out. As Mom starts to walk back to her car – and Mom has some nice calves – the nun tells Mom that the Director worried about Mom until the day she died. Small comfort for Mom.

EAIL and Mom meet at a café. EAIL wants to know what Mom wants. Mom mentions the package and lies, saying that it was supposed to go to her and was wrongly mailed to Oma. She wants EAIL to get it. EAIL agrees, but then asks about Mom and Oma’s relationship, because they seem estranged. Mom denies it. Mom makes EAIL promise that she’ll bring it to her. The look on EAIL’s face after she promises tells me she still thinks something’s fishy and probably *isn’t* going to be keeping her promise.

Se Yoon’s drops Chae Won and EUnc off at Noodle Factory. As he’s driving back to work, he sees Oma walking, so he decides to stop and say hello. She’s surprised when he runs up. And he is such a dork! Oma says that she’s going to the market. Se Yoon links his arm in hers and tells her that they should go on a date. She’s up for it, but does Se Yoon have time. Se Yoon declares that he’s getting to go on a date with his beautiful MIL, he has to make time! And then the *walk* to the market.

Oma and Se Yoon have a fun time at the market. Fish. Watermelon. Popcorn. Se Yoon wants to buy her a hair pin and when she tells him he’s going overboard, he declares that although it’s very shameful, he’ll lower himself to do it for her.

Mom gets home and plops down on the bed. The diary cannot end up in Oma’s hands! She calls to nag EAIL again.

Auntie’s snuck out again so YUnc’s blowing his whistle again. The Sibs are freaking out. Auntie calls Chae Won. And she calls her Auntie :) Auntie declares that she’s down at the licensing bureau registering her marriage. YUnc about blows a blood vessel.

Se Yoon’s office. Joo Ri enters and submits her letter of resignation. She’s snotty and vows that he’s going to regret dumping her. Se Yoon frowns and looks at the resignation letter. Joo Ri heads over EMIL’s office. Chul Kyu arrives and EMIL drops her bomb: he’s out and Joo Ri’s in. So Chul Kyu no longer has a job. Or rather a puppet president.

Noodle Factory. Ladies making noodles. Worrying about Auntie. EAIL meets the mailman. There’s the package and EAIL gets it. But Mom’s not home. EAIL calls Mom, who tells her to put it in the mailbox. The package is too big to put in the slot. So EAIL props it beside the box.

Oma’s looking at the pin Se Yoon bought her and decides to go and negotiate with Mom. The maid makes Oma wait outside, because the last time Mom got pissed that the maid let her in. Oma tries calling Mom but gets her answering machine. And then she notices the box addressed to *her* outside of Mom’s mailbox.