Source:  Stain    Tag:  heredity tree

Going back to your own source

I open the room's door, am gonna talk

but the room is a trap where all dreams are coagulate

The stain on the bed looks familiar, looks like a girl

am gonna talk,ok, am gonna talk...

Inside the sleep there is a deeper sleep; a worried one

underneath the idea of the endless limits,

am gonna talk

head on the pillow; the stain girl look like autum

Look at my branches hair your weepings are making wet!

Someone walks quietly around,

am the witness of my endless fund, am gonna talk

but there is still three steps left to face the close eye

i don't know if i can...

Are we all seeing the same morning light?

i don't think so...

The steps in the room are the mouth's guilt

hurting winter dance

the room has no view

The stain girl cries now, as every night i know

ok am gonna talk

The vision is not homogenic and the realm of safety

still far away while the skin recall

There is a valse of broken clothes, but not in the room

they hang somewhere, no hearts as breathing air

in a season they are the only one

to live in...ok am gonna talk...

Pictures are taken from the heredity tree

who the fuck are they?!

telling me i carry their genes

Someone's blowing on my neck

the blue out the grey

''Close your eyes'' a wisper say

Am too sad to close them now

it is not the time yet! The stain girl scream

I can't turn my face and the blowing turns to kissing

without lips, just words,

words burning out my chest

Ok, am gonna talk...

Trace the river of messy beds

placed one after another,i'll stay on the floor tonight

the steps looks great

under the applauding lights

ok, am gonna talk,


I don't want you here like that

Can't recognize with who we are

They gave me bones and skin to carry around

but am the only one who can nourish the

beating organ.

Time is outside it's own terme

am gonna talk, or the talking will come to me

There is a sleep with no end, as the time is now over itself

Stop crying please, the opal around your neck

still dry

You'll overcome those nights

Do we all see the same morning light?

i don't think so,

ok am gonna talk now.

Painting: Leonor Fini