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Love her or love to hate her, Mary was for the most part great to watch. Mary's song, "Hero", for her son Chase brings tears to your eyes as it is. But, to see her perform it with Chase took it to a whole other level. Mary's charity of choice is Tuberous Sclerosis. It's also the disorder that Chase suffers from. Please visit for more information.

Mary's fundraiser was held at a venue owned by Peter. It seems that a few years ago Mia was involved in an altercation at one of his other establishments. Therefore, Mia has been banned from all of Peter's places of business.

Reiko did it last week and Mary did it this week. Why on earth would you invite Jody to your event? I know it was for charity BUT! Everyone knows how much Mary doesn't like her. Jody serves Mary with legal papers and then gets invited to an event as big and important as this. It makes no sense.

Mary with her boys

I was disappointed that Jody forced Mia to go to Mary's event, knowing full well that Mia was barred from the place. I realize Jody was doing it for charity but Mia could have simply written a cheque. Mia wasn't even invited in the first place. Neither were the other two that showed up with them, I might add.

Mia and Jody

Knowing it WAS for charity. I think Peter could have let Mia stay. Mia wasn't making any trouble. Instead, Peter had to centre them out for the sake of drama. Christina was right when she said they should all come together if it's for charity. Whether they like each other or not. Why didn't he kick them out before Mary sang? You would think Peter would have noticed them earlier. I am almost thinking Mary might have set it up that way. As Reiko put it, "I guess" I'll take Mary's word for it, that she didn't. Then, Reiko gives us that cheeky little smile that makes us wonder what she's really thinking. Hmmm.

Ronnie and Reiko

It disturbed me to see Christina and Mary doing the same thing they accuse the others of doing. Talking behind peoples' backs. How can Christina call Ronnie a phony? Ronnie has voiced loud and clear that she won't be taking sides and she wants EVERYONE to get along.

Mary and Christina

Mia launched her M.I.A. clothing line and the only housewife invited was Ronnie. Ronnie's niece, Paige, was one of the models. Ronnie's date for the night was her son, Jhordan. When she introduced Jhordan as her husband, I laughed. That was me. A little different though. I am always calling my sons by each others names. It's nice to see I'm not the only one that does it.

Paige is on the left

Mia did a great job with the fashion show. Even Momma Jody was proud. We know damn well if Jody wasn't impressed she would definitely let us know. I do wish though that Mia and Jody would lay off the comments about Ronnie and alcohol.

Well, next week is the finale! Usually I say I can't wait but, this time I can. I know it's one of the last times we will see our favourite housewives and that makes me sad. I hope that there isn't as long of a break like with the other housewives shows. I don't think I could take


just my point of view... :o)