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Edited by Charles H. Lawrie .

612 pages .
Open Access .

Hematology encompasses the physiology and pathology of blood and of the bloodforming organs. In common with other areas of medicine, the pace of change in hematology has been breathtaking over recent years. There is now a plethora of treatment options available to the hematologist which happily coincides with a greatly improved outlook for the vast majority of patients with blood disorders, in particular those with hematological malignancies. Improvements in the clinic reflect, and in many respects are driven by, advances in our scientific understanding of hematological processes under both normal and disease conditions. This book which consists of a selection of essays aims to inform both specialist and non-specialist readers about some of the latest advances in hematology, in both laboratory and clinic..... 

Charles H. Lawrie
Biodonostia Research Institute,
San Sebastián,



Part 1 Blood Physiology .

 1 Mechanisms Controlling Hematopoiesis 3  Katja Fiedler and Cornelia Brunner

 2 Negative Regulation of Haematopoiesis:  Role of Inhibitory Adaptors 47  Laura Velazquez

 3 The Role of EMT Modulators  in Hematopoiesis and Leukemic Transformation 101  Goossens Steven and Haigh J. Jody

 4 Asymmetric Division in  the Immuno-Hematopoietic System 121  Daniel Jimenez-Teja, Nadia Martin-Blanco and Matilde Canelles

 5 Nitric Oxide / Cyclic Nucleotide Regulation  of Globin Genes in Erythropoiesis 135  Vladan P. Čokić, Bojana B. Beleslin-Čokić, Gordana Jovčić, Raj K. Puri and Alan N. Schechter

 6 Mechanisms of αIIbβ3 Biogenesis in the Megakaryocyte:  A Proteomics Approach 171  Amanda Chen, Haiqiang Yu, Haiteng Deng and W. Beau Mitchell

 7 SATB1: Key Regulator of T Cell  Development and Differentiation 195  Kamalvishnu P. Gottimukkala, Mithila Burute and Sanjeev Galande

8 Neutrophil Chemotaxis and Polarization:  When Asymmetry Means Movement 211  Doris Cerecedo

 9 Intravascular Leukocyte Chemotaxis:  The Rules of Attraction 229  Sara Massena and Mia Phillipson

 10 Membrane Trafficking and Endothelial-Cell  Dynamics During Angiogenesis 253  Ajit Tiwari, Jae-Joon Jung, Shivangi M. Inamdar and Amit Choudhury

Part 2 Hematological Pathologies .

 11 Translational Control in Myeloid Disease 283  Nirmalee Abayasekara and Arati Khanna-Gupta

 12 Molecular Mechanisms in Philadelphia  Negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasia 299  Ciro Roberto Rinaldi, Ana Crisan and Paola Rinaldi

 13 Physiological and Pathological  Aspects of Human NK Cells 337  Chiara Vitale, Renato Zambello, Mirna Balsamo, Maria Cristina Mingari and Massimo Vitale

 14 Stratification of Patients with Follicular Lymphoma 371  Hasan A. Abd El-Ghaffar, Sameh Shamaa, Nadia Attwan, Tarek E. Selim, Nashwa K. Abosamra, Dalia Salem, Sherin M. Abd El-Aziz and Layla M. Tharwat

15 MicroRNA Expression in Follicular Lymphoma 393  Charles H. Lawrie

 16 Epstein-Barr Virus-Encoded miRNAs  in Epstein-Barr Virus-Related Malignancy 409  Jun Lu, Bidisha Chanda and Ai Kotani

 17 Animal Models of Lymphoproliferative Disorders  Focusing on Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia 425  Anastasia S. Tsingotjidou

 18 Systemic Mastocytosis: An Intriguing Disorder 467  Antonia Rotolo, Ubaldo Familiari, Paolo Nicoli, Daniela Cilloni, Giuseppe Saglio and Angelo Guerrasio

Part 3 Hematology in the Clinic .

 19 Targeting the Minimal Residual Disease in Acute Myeloid  Leukemia: The Role of Adoptive Immunotherapy with  Natural Killer Cells and Antigen-Specific Vaccination 489  Sarah Parisi and Antonio Curti

 20 The Ubiquitin-Proteasomal System and  Blood Cancer Therapy 497  Xinliang Mao and Biyin Cao

 21 Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia 517  Kazuo Nakamura

 22 Converting Hematology Based Data  into an Inferential Interpretation 541  Larry H. Bernstein, Gil David, James Rucinski and Ronald R. Coifman

 23 The Effects of Splenectomy and Autologous  Spleen Transplantation on Complete Blood Count  and Cell Morphology in a Porcine Model 553  Nina Poljičak-Milas, Anja Vujnović, Josipa Migić, Dražen Vnuk and Matko Kardum

 24 Physiological Factors in the Interpretation  of Equine Hematological Profile 573  K. Satué, A. Hernández and A. Muñoz .

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