IEP Goal: Sit on toilet for 1 minute

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This work of art is titled: "It's a Guy Thing..."
Photograph by John Michael's Daddy

Two days ago, we had John Michael's IEP team meeting. It went very smoothly and after 3 solid hours, we both signed the IEP and the wheels have been set in motion. I promise I will blog about the IEP details very soon, but for now... just wanted to share that he's already working on one of his IEP goals...

Sit on toilet for 1 minute.


John Michael's interest in sitting on the toilet began last night, prompted by him lifting the toilet lid and pulling up his shirt. Up to now, he has cried and fussed at the slighest suggestion of sitting on the big potty. I asked if he wanted to take off his diaper and he said, "yes." I propped him up and he sat for about 15 seconds. Twice today he did the same and each time he sat a little longer, the last time about a minute.

This evening he tried again... this time with Daddy.  He still hasn't actually "gone" on the potty, but he sat for over a minute, enjoying his book and Binky.  I thought it was sweet that the book he chose is called My Friend Has Down Syndrome.  It's about some school-aged kids going to camp and one girl becomes friends with a girl who has Ds. We enjoy reading it along with our other books on kids who have Ds.

So there you have it... we have begun potty training...  Stay tuned...