Physical and Chemical Properties of Diamonds

Source:  Physical and Chemical Properties of Diamonds    Tag:  physical characteristics list

  • Hardest substance in earth's existence - can scratch things and can only be scratched by other diamonds
  • Solid
  • Colours can range from white to blue, green to pink- even black (not always clear), but that means it contains impurities/ defects (flaws)
  • Transparent - high clarity
  • Not malleable
  • Odourless
  • High lustre
  • Comes in different shapes
  • Will shatter if hit with hammer - brittleness
  • Not ductile - cannot be shaped, moulded or stretched
  • Not viscous - no viscosity

  • Chemical stability: not very reactive, even to strong acids and bases
  • When heated in air or oxygen (700 degrees to 875 degrees Celsius), burns with production of carbonic acid
  • Surface only can be oxidized a little by few oxidants at high temperature; acids and bases can be used to refine (improve, purify) synthetic (artificial) diamonds (diamonds not made naturally)