What Do I Think My Child Would Look Like

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People get therir traits from their moms egg and their dads sperm. The egg and sperm each holds 23 chromosomes. Each chromosome holds DNA.Each peice of DNA carries a gene, witch gives tou traits. Genes can be dominant or recessive. If your mom/dad gives you a dominant gene, then the strong trait will show. If they give you the recessive gene, then the weak trait will show. I think my child will look like me and it will have the same characteristis as me. I think that because i got most of my dads traits and not my moms ones. Hopefully my chilod will have all the dominant traits and not the recessive ones.My child will proabley have back straight hair, attached earlobes, thick eyebrows, normal sized lips, a narrow nose, some freckles. Thats all the traits I have.