"This Heart of mine could never see, What everybody knew but, Just trusting you was my great sin, What can I do, You Win Again"

Have you ever been so in love with a person that no matter what events may transpire in your relationship or in the out side world that you'll never stop loving them. Love makes people do some weird things. Cry, scream and even stand outside a girls window with a boom box over your head blasting some Aha or something. Whatever case, love is one of our truest emotions. We need love, we crave it and some times hate it. Love can us feel like that tallest man on the highest mountain in the land, but it can also make us feel like the smallest living worm crawling around in the black mud just waiting to die. But if you a person that can hang on to the love, even if your significant other is cheating on you, then I guess all you can tell them is "You Win Again"
This lyrics was written by one of the most prolific song writers of all time. His legacy and songs have stood the test of time and have been covered so many times that Hank Jr. can't even count them. Hank Williams was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama to a poor life stricken white family. He lived his early life dirt poor and had a spinal disease called spina bifida oculta. This disease gave Hank great back pain throughout his whole life and led to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Hank grew up with lived his life with a lot of heartbreak and it showed in his music.
"This heart of mine could never see, What everybody knew but me" During this portion of the song the man has explained that he is desperately in love with a running around woman. During there relationship the man is blind to what going on behind his back. His love, his life is cheating on him with another man. Not only is his woman keeping it a secret but the whole town knows the trouble going on. But the man still didn't know. "Just trusting you was my great sin" Here the man is saying he made an ultimate sin of trusting this woman whom he never should have. If he never gave in to her deceitful love. He wouldn't be as heartbroken and attached to her.
"What can I do? You Win Again" In this line the man is looking for an answer to this problem. He is so in love with this woman that he is lost in what he should do. Should he leave her? Should he cheat on her? Should he find a new love? No. This man is so in love with this woman, he doesn't want to lose her or the feeling of false love he receives with her. So what does he do? He gives up. He says "You Win again"
This lyric to me is so sad because I've seen it happen before. No matter what a woman can do to a love crazed man, he'll stay with her for the love and support. And she whoever she is knows it. So it will continue to be a cycle until the man say instead of "You Win Again" to Fuck Off!!!