Low Protein and #PKU Friendly Pasta Alfredo

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     My husband's pretty creative when it comes to cooking, including meals for Lily and Thomas.  We were having pasta and he decided to make them something similar, on the fly!  He used Cambrooke's Alfredo Sauce Mix and Liquid non-dairy creamer.  He just poured 3 tbs of the the Cambrooke mix and added the non-dairy creamer until he had a nice consistency.  The cambrooke mix has 13 mg phe/1 tbs.  The non-dairy creamer has 0 phe.  Ryan weighed the mixture to figure out how much phe was in each gram.  (I forgot to write that info down- sorry!)

      He cooked up the Promin Rainbow Pasta Spirals.  These have 8.1 mg phe/ 100 grams dried pasta.  So, now you need to weigh out the 100 grams of dried pasta.  Cook it.  And weigh it again.  Once you have the new weight, you need to divide it by the 8.1 mg phe, to find out how much phe is in each gram of cooked pasta!

     All of that hard math work was totally worth it.  Lily devoured the pasta!  Thomas though, not so much.  He's such a picky eater!

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