What is MCH and why is mine always high?

Source:  What is MCH and why is mine always high?    Tag:  mthfr disorder
Looking back through four years of lab results, I noticed that one test has almost always come back flagged as "high" - MCH.

Now, I admit, it hasn't been very high, just one or two points over the top of the range, but given that we've turned over just about every rock looking for the source of my fatigue, what if this is the one we've missed?

So I asked my family practitioner why she thought it was constantly elevated. She said that it was likely due to consuming alcohol. *rolls eyes* As anyone with fatigue will understand, drinking alcohol is strictly a special-occassion-one-glass kind of thing, as it puts me to sleep almost instantly.

"Honestly, Penelope...We can't follow every trail you find in your lab results", she said in her usual annoyed voice, "some people just have a higher level than others".

Well...OK, but when I feel AWFUL for years, do you think we could just consider that it might be meaningful?

So, other than knowing that MCH means Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin, what does it indicate (other than alcohol abuse) and is it really normal to be out of range for years on end?

Is it wrong that I'm pissed off at her non-answer?