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I have a theory.
(Yes, yes, yes. I know I have a lot of theories. But I’m pretty sure you come here with the express intention of reading about my hair brained theories so shut up and listen to my theory.)
I have this theory that Steve Thompson doesn’t actually exist.
This is based on a number of things. First of all, despite being the third Sherlock writer, his Wikipedia page is practically a stub. Second of all (and more importantly) when you type his name into Google images you get a lot of pictures of a creepy albino model dude who I’m pretty sure doesn’t spend his spare time going to cafes with Moffat and Gatiss. So my theory is that Steve Thompson is actually a pseudonym that Moffat and Gatiss have invented because everyone said they couldn’t POSSIBLY write all the episodes themselves and didn’t they have other things they should be doing like maybe making that Doctor Who thing that everyone likes so much? After the first series of Sherlock, they decided they’d give their “friend” “Steve” a little more creditability by letting him write an episode of Doctor Who. Except instead of writing it themselves, Moffat let his sons write it. Hence the good-intentions-but-ultimately-disappointing-resolution. So that’s my theory. I did say it was hair brained. I should possibly mention that I rather enjoy ‘Paul is dead (and also the walrus koo-koo-ka-choo)’ conspiracy theories.

Reichenbach rather lends itself to theories. Take this one-
Sherlock didn’t die because it wasn’t him who jumped.
Let me now allow you to debate this point. Given that you are a virtual reader, I will play both parts. You can be in bold.

But Sherlock was definitely standing on top of the building.
Ah yes! But John was quite a distance away and could possibly have mistake someone ELSE is a large flappy coat with striking features for Sherlock from that distance.
But they were talking on the phone.
The real Sherlock could have been out of sight and the fake one was just holding a phone and it was made to look like the real one via camera tricks.
But John saw Sherlock looking all bloody and dead and it was definitely him because DID YOU SEE THE CHECK BONES?
When John got hit by the bike, Molly and Sherlock rushed in and really quickly swapped the fake Sherlock for the real Sherlock who pretended very convincingly to be dead what with being a master of disguise and all.
Yeah but…John’s a doctor.
But, in fairness, he does have a habit of being pretty stupid sometimes. Did you see the way he opened the envolope containing mysterious powder someone just left on his doorstep despite several hired killers being ACTUALLY VISIBLE AT THE TIME. And also Molly possibly gave Sherlock some drugs that made him seem dead like they did that time in Romeo and Juliet.
So then the fake Sherlock jumped?
So where did Sherlock get someone to pretend to be him while jumping off a building?
From Molly. Obviously.
And where did Molly get them?
The morgue. DUR!
So the fake Sherlock was…dead…all along and would possibly have difficulty pretending to talk on the phone and also jumping off buildings?

All in all, our second theory is better. It goes like this-
Molly gave Sherlock some special Falling Off Building Drugs which allow one to survive blunt force trauma when leaping from great heights.

So basically all you're getting for today is theories. I also have a few pretty good ones about what John’s going to do when he finds out Sherlock isn't dead (hint- pitch a spaz) and who’s going to be married when the series comes back (hint- EVERYONE). But for now I have to go and read The Fault in Our Stars (which has already made me cry and I’m only up to chapter six) and write bad fan-fiction in my head while SHIPPING ALL THE SHIPS.

Damn I love Sherlock.