The Gemini Child

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The little Gemini will be mentally alert, responsive and incredibly entertaining. This child is something of an "intellectual," living more in the mental world of thoughts rather than in feelings, emotions or the material plane. Gemini children prefer to be out in social environments...however, their capacity for early mental and social development can mask emotional insecurities. Schedules should be flexible rather than attached to routine and it is sometimes necessary for caregivers to avoid over-stimulation of the little Gemini's active mind...a period of storytelling, for example, can help this child to relax. Gemini children usually have difficulty in finishing one project prior to beginning another. This tends to make the child appear unreliable and indecisive when, in fact, his or her active mind races faster than the small body can keep up. Although the little Gemini should be taught not leave any work unfinished, confinement and close study will be very irksome to this character and he or she will require an unusual amount of physical exercise. Without it, the small Gemini will find it impossible to keep hands, feet and bodies quiet for any length of time.

These are quick-witted children, extraordinary clever and able to verbally express themselves extremely well. In short, the Gemini child will be a wonderfully eager, bright and restless little individual. Thus, any early training will demand sympathetic understanding of this child's complex nature. It is important to teach this little one self-control in all eat slowly and learn to yield to authority, for instance. The Gemini child will be a busy child, but one who is rarely content...continually searching for something to do or somewhere to go. It is not unusual for any caregiver who does not understand the restless nature of this child to experience intense anxiety regarding the little Gemini's safety and well-being. It is necessary to train the mind of a Gemini child to resist the inclination to run riot and conjure up all manner of evils. This little one needs to be taught that his or her easily-aroused fears are groundless and that he or she will be kept safe from harm. Gemini children are among the most susceptible of the Zodiac to affection, tenderness and gentleness. They should never be threatened or taught to fear anything (with the exception of true evil) and the utmost care must be given for their bodily and spiritual welfare. The Gemini child needs to be raised in an atmosphere of quiet and restfulness. In addition, it is paramout that this little one be shielded from excitement and exciting scenes.

The Gemini child is kind and loving by nature, as well as being willing and expressive in disposition. He or she will exhibit much curiosity and a deep desire to learn about absolutely everything. This child enjoys adventure and travel, while continuing to maintain sensitivity and imagination. There is a tendency for the little Gemini to be high-strung and excitable, but he or she still finds it easy to make friends. The Gemini child needs focus, balance and encouragement in order to see things through to completion. Since this the children of this Sign lack patience and persistence, they may find it very difficult to listen without interrupting. Possessed of a vivid imagination, the little Gemini has a tendency toward untruthful exaggeration in both actions and speech. If frequently opposed or compelled to act contrary to personal desires, this child could easily become one extremely tricky little individual, being both evasive and deceitful. However, the Gemini child responds well if an appeal is made to his or her reason and will almost always heed advice and counsel when such is given in a calm and quiet manner.

While usually quite good at all manner of things, the Gemini child is seldom exceptional at any of them. Superficiality tends to be the worst problem with this little one, which means that while he or she possesses the intellectual ability to excel, there is usually a distinct lack of patience or tenacity to do so. Conversation and communication will be paramout to this child, who will often learn to talk at an extremely early age. In a similar fashion, the writing skills of the little Gemini are also likely to be well-developed early in life. It is usually the Gemini child who asks adults the most awkward of questions, simply because they have a great desire to know. In addition, the sense of humor in this little one is often mature beyond his or her years.

Usually a bouncy and healthy child, the little Gemini is full of vitality. However, since this child is essentially a logical little soul, he or she will probably not handle personal emotions very well when there is a conflict between the heart and the head. With a tendency to internalise any feelings, the Gemini child may suffer from nervous tension, which can lead to fussy eating habits and other displays of a negative nature. This little one often does well in school, although a certain amount of such success can be attributed to the inherent charm. The main potential problem with educating a Gemini child is a dislike of routine...something which will also likely dominate this little one's family life, both present and future. Since it is virtually impossible for any school to constantly cater to the lively Gemini mind, it is important that the parents of this child make every attempt to maintain interest at home through fun and educational activities.

Gemini children will have many dual experiences...two courses of action or two subjects of their lives which will likely force them to learn how to make choices. Since the Gemini child loathes boredom, it is important than any caregiver make sure that the day's schedule is full and varied. Restricting a Gemini child mentally and physically will lead to an emotionally depressed adult. Given their grand sense of humor, Gemini children will probably be "class clowns," pulling faces and telling jokes in order to garner a laugh. The little Gemini often proves to be ambidextrous, adept at magic tricks and with musical instruments. However, it is often necessary to remind this child of the consequences which come with experimentation. It is also important to encourage honesty. In sum, a great responsibility rests upon any caregiver entrusted with a Gemini child who, in adulthood, can become a noble and loveable individual or, just as easily, become the exact reverse...dependent upon the experiences of the early years.

As the Gemini child grows to adulthood, abundant energy will be apparent, as will a love of debate and discussion. The young mature Gemini is likely to have many partners before he or she finally settles down since the Gemini character is notoriously selective in such matters. However, once the decision has been made, then he or she can invariably look forward to a lively and interesting future.

Since Gemini is one of the air signs (together with Libra and Aquarius), any child governed by this element is likely to experience difficulties in relating to the feelings of others. Thus, a good amount of time should be devoted at an early age to teaching the children of Air the art of interacting with their peers. There may also be a streak of indecisiveness apparent in children ruled by Air and they need to be patiently taught the importance of making decisions, taking a stand or supporting a conviction without being "wishy-washy" and constantly changing their minds. It is also paramout for Air children to learn that charm does not always necessarily work. If this lesson is failed to be learned when young, then Air children will grow up attempting to charm their way through life...often at the expense of those around them.

Qualities To Encourage:
Vitality - Versatility - Intellectual Ability - Communication Talents

Qualities To Discourage:
Superficiality - Inconsistency - Nervous Tension

Suitable Future Careers:
Civil Service - Education - Government - Beauty Culture - Stage - Fashion and Luxury Trades - Travel Industry

Parent Child Relationships

Aries Parent/Gemini Child: This combination comes with an abundance of energy, but comprised of two vastly different qualities. The Gemini child is likely to quesion every move made by an Aries parent...not necessarily a bad thing, since it may make the adult Aries think before acting (something those governed by Aries are not usually apt to do). In return, the Aries parent will encourage the little Gemini to stop thinking quite so much and "just do it." Thus, the Gemini child could acquire a little more spontaneity to his or her traditionally indecisive nature. In short, this relationship is likely to be one where both parent and child get along quite well and there will probably be plenty of fun times shared in the company of each other.

Taurus Parent/Gemini Child: In this relationship, the Gemini child may feel smothered by the Taurus parent. The Gemini character is an active one...both physically and mentally...whereas Taurus moves gently, slowly and gracefully. The Gemini child is almost certain to "rock the boat" of any Taurus parent, but this may not necessarily be a bad thing since those governed by Taurus can become far too set in their ways. Continual questioning from the little Gemini may force the adult Taurus to take a closer look at himself or herself and maybe even make a few changes. The Taurus parent will provide firm grounding for the Gemini child, supplying guidance and direction for this little one's vast store of energy.

Gemini Parent/Gemini Child: Where there is a combination of two members of what is probably the most curious Sign of the Zodiac in the same vicinity, then nobody's personal business will be safe. Both parent and child will want to know everything. The house is liable to be overflowing with books, computer programs and telephone lines...a virtual information bureau of sorts. This parent and child will fuel each other's love of communication and there is sure to be a shared interest in education and learning. The Gemini parent will look forward to hearing about the Gemini child's events in school that day and there will probably never be a dull moment with this parent/child coupling. After all or otherwise...have returned home and the Gemini parent finally gets a chance to sit down for a chat with his or her Gemini child, there is little doubt that strong bonds and a healthy open relationship will be formed.

Cancer Parent/Gemini Child: This relationship could cause much confusion because each has a completely different set of priorities in life. The Cancer parent enjoys sitting by the fire with the security of the family all around. Above all, the Cancer individual desires domestic bliss. However, such is not nearly enough for the young Gemini mind, which is active and restless. If forced to remain at home, the little Gemini will be chatting on the telephone or insist on having friends come visit...although he or she would truly prefer to be out socializing. It is important that the Cancer parent understand and respect the need of the Gemini child for constant activity. Rather than attempt to dampen such a restless spirit, the Cancer adult should accept it and work toward providing a safe and secure environment to which the Gemini child can return in order to "recharge the batteries" at the end of a busy day.

Leo Parent/Gemini Child: This parent/child combination will make for an abundance of fun times. Those governed by Leo enjoy parenthood because it gives them a chance to be a child once again. The antics of the little Gemini will most certainly keep the adult Leo amused and there will be plenty of word games, puzzles, comedy shows and impersonations to pass the time. A Leo parent will take great pride in the mentally-active Gemini child and little Gemini will respect and admire his or her dramatic and flamboyant parent. All-in-all, this will be an all-round happy and healthy parent/child relationship.

Virgo Parent/Gemini Child: This combination will contain plenty of mental activity between parent and child. The Virgo parent will encourage the little Gemini's love of learning and there will be a great emphasis placed on education in this household with easy accessiblity to books, encyclopedias and computers. The adult Virgo will encourage the little Gemini's critical abilities and teach, through example, the benefits of being consistent with ideas and mental patterns. There is likely to be much discussion and debate between this parent/child combination...but plenty of social activity too, which should keep both the Mercury-ruled parent and the Mercury-ruled child happy and content.

Libra Parent/Gemini Child: The Libra parent will particularly enjoy the rapport and chatter of the inquisitive and bright Gemini child. In this combination, both parent and child share the element of Air and thus, a love of socializing. The little Gemini will take an avid interest in the activities of his or her Libra parent and will probably amuse all adult acquaintances with a constant stream of questions...although this can become a little irritating at times. This energetic child who is almost continually hyperactive often suffers from tension, but this is nicely balanced by the character of the Libra parent, who seldom allows things to get out of control or go too far.

Scorpio Parent/Gemini Child: Initially, it would seem that the lively and inquisitive Gemini child has little (if anything) in common with his or her intense and deeply-emtional Scorpio parent. Indeed, it is necessary to undertake a profound search in in order to find any elements of comparison with this combination, but both possess an overwhelming curiosity. The Scorpio love of research and in-depth information will stimulate the active mind of the small Gemini. While the Scorpio parent seeks out the deep meanings of fables and fairytales (which he or she will doubtless read to the Gemini child on a regular basis), the little Gemini will be satisfied with the information itself and the basic meaning of the long as fresh and new stories keep on coming to satisfy the inherent curiosity. It is not unusual for a close parent/child bond to be formed with this combination, coupled with a mutually-shared passion...the lifelong search for information.

Sagittarius Parent/Gemini Child: This is an immensely compatible parent/child relationship, being opposite Signs in the Zodiac. Both the Sagittarius parent and the Gemini child adore learning and the little Gemini will thoroughly enjoy all the exciting stories relayed to him or her by the Sagittarius say nothing of the great adventure holidays to which he or she will be treated. The Gemini child is a curious one and tends to ask questions about everything and anything. He or she will learn a great deal from the Sagittarius parent who appears to know everything. The home of Sagittarius will be brimming with energy and drive. There are likely to be books everywhere on every topic imaginable and constantly ongoing plans for taking exotic and thrilling trips.

Capricorn Parent/Gemini Child: In this combination, the Capricorn parent is likely to be somewhat disappointed in the Gemini child. The little Gemini is light, airy and very inquisitive, moving so fast that you can hardly see him or her go and talking so fast that he or she hardly seems to draw a breath. The Capricorn parent will be looking for long-term, goal-setting, achievement-oriented traits...the Gemini child invariably lacks such qualities. The little Gemini will find any Capricorn parent to be staunch, Victorian-like and something of a "wet blanket" during social occasions. Since the Gemini child will probably sense that he or she is a disappointment to the Capricorn parent, there could easily be a tendency for the little one here to grow up feeling inferior. It is important that the parent in this relationship stand back from any criticism of his or her Gemini offspring and realize that this child is simply different. If the Capricorn parent can overcome disappointment, then he or she can be invaluable in helping to ground the intellectual restless energy of the Gemini child with practical skills. Regardless, it will be necessary for the Capricorn parent to praise the little Gemini for any achievement he or she attains...otherwise, this could result in a very unhappy child who grows to be an adult plagued with doubts and insecurities.

Aquarius Parent/Gemini Child: This combination makes for an exceedingly interesting and rewarding relationship. The Aquarius parent endows the Gemini child with mental vision. The Aquarius adult is a most excellent teacher and the little Gemini is a very eager student. It is a basic quality of the Aquarius nature to seek out new, unique and intellectual exploration. Because of this, the Gemini child, who is interested in all types of information and finds great pleasure in talking, has tremendous respect for the Aquarius adult. The Gemini child bores easily, but that will probably never occur if this little one is raised by an individual who falls under the jurisdiction of Aquarius. The Gemini child usually greatly admires any Aquarius parent and is proud to "show off" such a parent to his or her friends.

Pisces Parent/Gemini Child: This parent/child combination comes with many similarities...both are very restless and changeable, for example. However, there are also many differences. The Gemini child is an inquisitive and chatty individual, more concerned with the mind and thoughts than will be his or her Pisces parent. Gemini tends to analyze everything as though it were part of one large puzzle...examining until he or she completely understands the which point, there will probably be an overwhelming desire on the part of Gemini to change it. Pisces perceives this to be a fruitless and pointless exercise. The Pisces parent wants to blend with experiences...become changed by experiences. The Gemini child, on the other hand, is far from emotional in that respect and dislikes being in such emotional situations. It is possible that the constant chatter of a Gemini child could annoy the Pisces parent, who adores being able to relax and dream undisturbed. Nevertheless, the Pisces parent can help the Gemini child to "go with the flow" and release all the nervous energy associated with this little one. In return, the Gemini child will bring fun and eternal youthfulness into the life of any Pisces parent.