Fun Facts and File Cabinets

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The only thing I've really retained from my bio class have been the fun facts. It's actually pretty annoying how often I reference them in daily conversation. That being said, today we talked about invasive species and I think my mind blew up when I learned that fire ants were brought to the United States when someone (for god knows what reason) brought a bucket of fire ants to Miami. Rightfully so, this bucket of fire ants was supposed to be handled with care (shout out to the Traveling Wilburys). However, such is life, the bucket of fire ants was knocked over and fire ants were let loose on the Miami tarmac. Obviously no one was jumping at the chance to catch fire ants, so that explains why fire ants run rampant all over the Southern United States from California to Florida. So we can all thank that Brazilian dude for fire ants. Hats off to you, sir!

I don't think I'll forget the time I was standing barefoot in a fire ant hill at Burger King when I was probably 4-5. Ouch. Feet. Or the time when I found a cockroach in my shoe. Cockroaches are the worst. I know it doesn't need to be said, but they are just so awful. I don't know how my parents survived in their cockroach-infested apartment in Cambridge. Oh my god. Yuck.

Similarly, the time I thought I had flung pasta in my hair, but it was really a cockroach that landed on my head. Oh boy. This is one reason why I need a little break from Texas.

I always imagine memories to be filed in coffee-stained folders in teeny tiny file cabinets in my brain. I think right now I've opened up the file cabinet for "Pet and Critter" memories.

Today I learned that my cat died a few days ago. She was a such a sweetheart. I know I would feel much sadder if I was there for it, so in a way I am glad I wasn't home. I did get to say goodbye to her the day before I left to go back to school. She was just the sweetest and cutest cat. I guess I forgot that everything living has to die. It really sucks. Oh no oh no oh no I DO NOT want to open up the death and mortality cabinet right now. Sorry I am staying on track. Julia Julia Julia. Anyways, the night before I left I stayed up the whole night just petting her and crying and just being with her. She has always just been an angel. Actually that is a lie...I have always just loved her and wanted her to love me too. I have so many memories of being scratched and bitten by her for trying to pick her up or pet her. I remember all the scratches I had on my arms when I was five from trying to brush her. It wasn't until the last like five-ish years that she became a lap cat. Better late than never! Anyways, the last night I saw her she had three seizures throughout the night and it was just horrible. Yeah, it was horrible to have to see it, but more importantly, I felt so bad for her. It was so freaking sad. I forgot how attached I get to things/people/pets (?). I don't know how I'm going to deal with things like death and dying and sickness. It hurts my heart too much. But I have to say that I one hundred percent believe that no one should have to suffer alone. I know it's silly, but when I was with Julia I kept telling myself I couldn't sleep because then she wouldn't have anyone there with her. And...every time I stopped stroking her fur she would reach out her paw to me. It was heartbreaking and...I don't want to cry right now. Okay, I'll stop. She was a great little kitty.

Now sure what direction this post took. How about I end with another random fact about evolution! Okay. The Amish (due to their relative isolation within society) have a higher rate of polydactyly (i.e. having more than 5 fingers and/or toes).