100 Year Inheritance Episodes 17-20 Recap

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So, things are finally picking up with this show.


A replay of Se Yoon arriving, picking up Chae Won, telling Chul Kyu that Chae Won is no longer *his* woman. Whoo-hoo! Chul Kyu wants to know what he means by that, screams at him not to go, but Se Yoon just leaves him there. Se Yoon looks really freaked out and worried as he drives Chae Won to the hospital.

AILs fawn over Oehalmeoni. There's more hijinks I fast forward through.

The hospital. Se Yoon ignores Joo Ri's call. Chae Won wakes up and finds out that EMIL sent Se Yoon after them. She asks if he's disappointed at her lying. He's not. She tells him she didn't want to look like an idiot. He says he never thought she was an idiot. Maybe sad and pitiful, but not an idiot. She starts to feel sorry for herself and he mentions seeing her resume. He compliments her on her accomplishments. She tells him he doesn't need to be nice. He laughs and she smiles and he tells her he feels relaxed when he sees her smile. But he doesn't like her at all. Really.

EMIL's lying about why Chul Kyu skipped the matchmaking meeting. Chul Kyu arrives home. EMIL screams at him. He goes upstairs and Joo Ri comes down and EMIL rants about Chae Won having a new man. Joo Ri is shocked.

Se Yoon takes Chae Won home. She again apologizes for all the stuff he's been through because of her and tells him that he must have really wronged her in a previous life. He plays along with the joke. As they're walking to the door, they run into Appa. Appa wants Se Yoon to stay for dinner, but Se Yoon politely declines and drives off. Because their relationship isn't at that level yet. Appa tries to find out what's going on, but Chae Won avoids the subject and then pretends to be asleep to get out of talking about it.

Oeharabeoji is excited for the start of the contest the next day.

Se Yoon's now home and Joo Ri calls to find out why he rushed off. Se Yoon's vague. But you don't like Chae Won at all.

Chul Kyu's drinking, thinking about Se Yoon declaring Chae Won not his anymore. Chae Won goes to work and gets fired for not showing up or calling in. She doesn't explain that she got *kidnapped.* Which would be logical thing to do, but I'm learning that Chae Won often isn't logical, but a martyr. EMIL meets with the matchmaker, who has arranged a meeting with the daughter of the *really* rich Tae San group.

Start of the contest.

Choon Hee's a little depressed so Appa takes her on a trip.

SYMom gets a call from her former orphanage; the director is very sick and asking to see her. She's freaking out, partly because that means the director's regained consciousness. Why would this freak her out, unless Se Yoon’s really Choon Hee’s son and she doesn’t want anyone to know her secret?

Se Yoon at work. He offers to pay for everyone's meal and overhears one of the cooks ask about when they're getting a new dietician. The old one was in a car accident and had to resign. Se Yoon realizes that Chae Won could get the job and smiles to himself. Joo Ri notices and gets insecure.

Chae Won goes and asks one of her sunbaes for a job and has to admit that she's gotten divorced. When she returns home, Chul Kyu arrives. He asks her if she's been in a relationship in Se Yoon. She calls him Kim Chul Kyu-shi (very formal) and tells him she doesn't have to answer, since they have no relations anymore. She won't tell him she's not dating Se Yoon. Instead she tells him that as the days go by, she's more and more sure that their divorce was a good thing. He's a mama's boy loser and her love is too big to waste on him.

Se Yoon passes Chae Won's resume off to one of his managers and asks that HR take a look at it. (He didn't go in person because he didn't want to influence their decision.) As dude leaves, Joo Ri arrives and asks why dude's there. She's just about to see whose resume dude has, but Se Yoon comes out so she has to act clueless. Why that guy was going to show it to her, I don't know. It's not her business. Joo Ri tries to get him to take her with him as he leaves work, but he says that it's errands and doesn't take her. Joo Ri insecure.

Appa and Choon Hee at the beach. He apologizes for his sisters-in-law and she tells him that she's a little jealous because he has lots of family and she doesn't even know who her parents are. Sudden thought - what if she's the long, lost daughter of Oeharabeoji and Oehalmeoni? He asks her if she's always been alone. She tells him she had a man once, right after high school, but he died soon after they were together. Appa gives her his coat, even though she's wearing one, it's just unzipped. Then they chase each other.

Sibling bickering as the contest continues.

Appa gets sick at the restaurant and then there's a flat so he and Choon Hee miss the last ferry. Auntie goes by to visit Opera Man (at her mother's bequest) and there's a moment where he gets flashback to the dream of marrying her. He starts smacking his head on the table and orders her to leave. She thinks he's crazy.

Joo Ri's at work and thinks about this mysterious woman that Se Yoon recommended. She calls HR and asks about her.

At home, Auntie tells Chae Won that a man's come to call. It's Se Yoon. She asks why he's there and he says that it's the only way to talk to her, reminding her that she needs to get a phone. Joo Ri arrives - why she went by Chae Won's house I don't know - and sees Se Yoon and Chae Won talking very casually, especially since Se Yoon is all smiles. Neither notices her drive up. How they don't, I don't know that one either.


Joo Ri arrives to discover that Se Yoon and Chae Won know each other and are friends. Joo Ri stews over how they know each other since he wasn't Chae Won's senior in school and he just returned to Korea. Unless they've *known* each other? Se Yoon's told Chae Won about the nutritionist job. She's excited and very grateful. He grumbles that she's always being grateful and then tells her that she'll need to fix him all the side dishes he wants if she gets the job. She tells him that of course she will. He teases back that he's already at ease with the thought. She thanks him again and says she won't ever be able to pay him back. He protests that she had better, since he'll be her life and her job savior! He gets going and Joo Ri roils with jealousy, since their relationship looks close. When Chae Won goes inside, Auntie asks who the guy is, but Chae Won just says he's a guy she knows.

Appa and Choon Hee have a fight.

EMIL gets news about the matchmaking date being set with the daughter of the Tae San Group and is elated! Chul Kyu vows to forget Chae Won. But we know he won't.

Se Yoon's Mom is nostalgically looking at pictures of him as a baby. Se Yoon catches her and she says this is something she sometimes does. But this still makes me wonder if Se Yoon is Choon Hee's baby, which neither Se Yoon nor Choon Hee is aware of. Se Yoon goes to his room and thinks about Chae Won. She's back at the factory, fingering those noodles again. Oeharabeoji asks her to try and inherit the factory. Chae Won says no, again.

Joo Ri's pacing, stewing over Chae Won's relationship with Se Yoon.

Family hijinks and Oehalmeoni discovers that Appa's stayed out all night. Oehalmeoni goes and confronts them as they're coming home, pulling Choon Hee's hair. Appa's waffling and Oehalmeoni's raving make Choon Hee mad and she storms off.

Joo Ri brings Se Yoon some coffee. She tries to find out why he's in such a good mood. She asks about the meeting he had the day before and he says that it was just work. Joo Ri stews because it's happening again; he's falling for someone else.

Chae Won gets a new phone with the same phone number and gets a call for an interview.

EMIL and Chul Kyu go to the date and Tae San Group's daughter is very demure, even though Chul Kyu notices a few times where she twitches in reaction to things. When they're alone, he tells her that he's not interested. She tells him that she is interested and he treats her like she's stupid for it.

Chae Won arrives for her interview. Joo Ri arrives and demands that they talk. Which Chae Won has time for, since she's there *for an interview.* Joo Ri demands to know what Chae Won's planning and what her relationship with Se Yoon is. Chae Won doesn't want to answer and Joo Ri demands to know why. So Chae Won tells her: EMIL accused Se Yoon of having an affair with Chae Won, in order to get Chae Won and Chul Kyu divorced. Joo Ri starts to freak out, especially when she hears that Se Yoon's *met* her mother. Even worse, met her brother, who punched Se Yoon with jealousy. Chae Won leaves for her interview and Joo Ri can't believe her luck. Not that I feel sorry for her.

As Chae Won has her interview, Se Yoon paces, waiting to see how it went. Not that he has other things to do, running a company or anything. She leaves the interview and he eagerly waits for a call from her. He's insulted that she doesn't call. She takes the elevator downstairs and so he races down the stairs to run into her in the lobby. He pretends to be reading a text when she sees him, like he had no idea she was there. He asks how it went and she's not sure. She bows to leave and he stops her, telling her that she's being unthoughtful not taking her savior out for coffee. She tells him she doesn't want to get him in trouble with his boss. He smiles as he tells her that he has at least 10 minutes and he's no ordinary employee. But the coffee is interrupted by a call from Se Yoon's Dad. Joo Ri has been watching their interchange and fumes as she watches Se Yoon smile after Chae Won walks away.

The aunts decide to go confront Choon Hee. High noon music plays. Eldest auntie goes so far as to call Choon Hee a prostitute and a succubus. There's a scuffle, which Opera Man breaks up, but then he gets hurt in the process. Younger Uncle calls and tells Appa, who rushes over to Choon Hee's but she won't talk to him and drives away in a taxi.

SY's Mom goes to the orphanage. The director isn't there. She runs into Choon Hee and they have a talk. Choon Hee tells her that she's decided to go back to America. Mom feels bad but not bad enough to stop Choon Hee feeling bad.

EMIL gets the news that Tae San Group's daughter likes Chul Kyu. He thinks the girl's crazy.

Joo Ri calls and finds out that Chae Won got the job. More stewing.

Se Yoon finds out that Chae Won got the job and then Chae Won calls him. He pretends he doesn't know so Chae Won gets to gush over her hiring. He's grinning from ear to ear as she tells him thank you.

Joo Ri goes home and sits on her bed and bawls. EMIL comes in and asks what's wrong. Joo Ri tells her to go away. Joo Ri tells EMIL that she's ruined her life but then hides under the covers and cries. EMIL vows that she's going to go meet Joo Ri's man and Joo Ri tells her mother not to, but decides to go anyway.

Next day, Chae Won's looking at her new workplace and runs into Se Yoon. Like he wasn't just waiting for her to show up. Inside, EMIL is there to meet with Se Yoon, although she has no idea it's that Se Yoon and only describes herself as Joo Ri's mother. She turns around to see Chae Won and Se Yoon walking in together. Joo Ri arrives and sees her mother but before she can go corral EMIL, EMIL's seen Chae Won and Se Yoon and approached them. Joo Ri freaks out as the episode ends.


Starts with EMIL at the company. Joo Ri spotting her but not being fast enough to stop EMIL from talking to Chae Won and Se Yoon. Joo Ri tries to call EMIL, but she's too slow. EMIL is nice and obnoxious and continues to imply that the pair are in a relationship. She asks why Chae Won's there. Chae Won stupidly tells her. She asks Se Yoon if he's an employee there too. He doesn't tell her that he's a Director. Because *he's* not stupid. She compliments Chae Won on scoring big by landing Se Yoon. Se Yoon sighs and wonders how long he has to be polite before he can walk away. EMIL tells them that if things work out well for them, they should treat her to dinner, since she did all the work to get them together. Gag. Joo Ri is horrified at how obnoxious EMIL is being. Then EMIL gloats about how Chul Kyu's going to be remarrying someone rich. Se Yoon has had enough and tells EMIL to say why she's really there. EMIL's about to spill, when they're interrupted by Dad, who calls Se Yoon Director. He tells Chae Won good bye and does nothing but bow to EMIL. EMIL realizes that Joo Ri's Lee Se Yoon is *this* Se Yoon. Joo Ri rushes over and tells EMIL that she wants to die because of EMIL. EMIL get Joo Ri to confirm that her sunbae is *that* Se Yoon. Joo Ri shoots a glare at Chae Won before dragging EMIL off. Chae Won can't believe that Se Yoon is the Director.

Chae Won introduces herself to the cooks and they are rude, implying that she got her job because of Se Yoon. She goes up to see him. She asks him why he lied. He says he didn't; he just never said what his job was. She tells him that people are gossiping. He promises that he didn't do anything but give them her resume. He smiles and walks over to stand by her. He tells her that she's over-reacting and if they were overheard, someone would think they were very close. Which you are, I'm just saying. He tells her they aren't, and Chae Won looks a little disappointed that he feels that way. He tells her that his company wouldn't just hire people with no skills and she'll win them over with her skills.

Oehalmeoni goes to yell at Choon Hee with the aunties. Younger AIL gets busted for knowing about the couple. And I love that they're wearing sneakers with their skirts. Choon Hee tells them that they've been using Appa like a farmhand and Oehalmeoni practically faints. They help Oehalmeoni home and Choon Hee fumes at their treatment of her.

EMIL goes home and rants, remembering all the evil things that she's done to Se Yoon. Then she blames Chae Won for everything.

Chae Won's working. Joo Ri barges in and demands Chae Won resign. Chae Won can't believe the girl, but they're interrupted by one of the cooks who says they're ready for inspection. Inspecting, Chae Won tells them to use less hot pepper paste on the squid and less oil in the potato dish. They're irritated that she's correcting their cooking and stomp off, but not before muttering how she got her job because of Se Yoon.

Chul Kyu hunts down Tae San Group's daughter and tells her he doesn't want to marry her so she needs to reject him with the matchmaker. She refuses and thinks that he's playing hard to get.

Oehalmeoni tells Appa that he has to get out of the house if he chooses to keep dating Choon Hee. Appa goes to see Choon Hee and when she starts to tell him about what they did, he chastises her for speaking to Oehalmeoni that way. They get in a fight and Choon Hee declares that they should break up. Appa storms out, completely upset that she would even propose that.

Chae Won is standing by the cafeteria line, telling everyone to enjoy their meals. Se Yoon arrives and smiles in her direction, but she acts like she doesn't see him. When someone mentions that Se Yoon is eating at the cafeteria more often, he declares that it suits his taste buds perfectly. Chae Won has to walk right past Se Yoon and he looks for at least a smile hello, but again Chae Won pretends not to know him. He calls her on it for not telling him to enjoy his meal. When he sits down with his co-workers, he notices that Joo Ri isn't there and learns that she's gone home because she wasn't feeling well. The co-workers think the squid that Chae Won told the cooks was too spicy is too spicy and complain to her about it. When they ask Se Yoon, he says it's not too spicy for him and even after Chae Won tells him that he doesn't have to eat it, he still says it fits his taste perfectly.

Joo Ri arrives home and just glares at EMIL. When EMIL wants to know what's wrong, she gives Joo Ri a hard time for being so upset. She wails that no other man will do. EMIL decides to call SY's Mom. She's buttery sweet with Mom and invites her to dinner. Mom remembers what Choon Hee's said about going back to the US, and thanks Choon Hee for deciding to leave.

Appa goes by to patch things up with Choon Hee but some customers come in. One of them slaps her on the butt and Appa gets mad. She tells him to leave if he's not going to drink. He stays and gets really drunk. With the amount of bottles on the table, I'm surprised that he hasn't passed out and then he does. Opera Man brings home the drunk Appa and Oehalmeoni isn't happy.

Chae Won's still at work late. She's about to go home when she gets a message about the meeting for the CEO at 6am the next morning. She goes in the kitchen and decides to use what's there: onions. Se Yoon's there late too and sees that she's still there. He finds her peeling onions. She tells him it's hazing. He decides to pitch in. She's not mad about it and tells him it's his fault. He ends up rubbing his eye with an onion hand so she hurries and gets him a rag to wipe his eye. As he's reaching for the rag, he grabs her hand instead and she feels a jolt of something. He doesn't notice it, being distracted by the onion in his eye. She tells him to please go home and he indignantly teases her, asking if she's going to kick him out after he's helped her without even feeding him.

While Se Yoon finishes the onions, Chae Won cooks him something. And, just like Eun Seol, she's tied up her hair using a chopstick. Because that's what we all use. When he sees her hair like that, he's struck by memories of Eun Seol.

Chul Kyu finds himself at Chae Won's and is there in time to see Se Yoon dropping her off. He remembers her telling him that her loving him was a waste and cries. When Chul Kyu gets home, EMIL says that Tae San Group wants to rush the marriage. EMIL begs him to marry the girl. Joo Ri sits in bed and cries over losing Se Yoon because of EMIL.

At home, Se Yoon pulls out a picture of Eun Seol and apologizes to her for forgetting her for a while. Even though that's what she would want him to do.

Family convinces Appa to go on blind date to appease Oehalmeoni.

The onion soup Chae Won had them prepare goes over well. The cooks can't believe that Chae Won peeled all those onions for them.

Joo Ri demands they talk. She demands Chae Won resign again. Chae Won asks why she should. Joo Ri offers to pay her off. Chae Won tells Joo Ri that she really resembles her mother. Se Yoon arrives, surprised they know each other. Joo Ri lies and says that they don't really. Chae Won doesn't say anything. Joo Ri drags Se Yoon away, but not before he bids farewell to Chae Won. I'm sure he's interpreting her silence as more of the hazing.

EMIL meets with the matchmaker. Chul Kyu meets with TSGD and asks if she's stupid because he clearly said he's not interested. She begs him to marry her so she can escape her family. She confides that she's actually the result of an affair that her mother had and they treat her like a rock that smells bad. Interesting image.

Elder uncle and auntie decide to cheat and swap their noodles with Younger Uncle's.

Choon Hee stumbles across Appa on his match-up date. The girl really likes Appa. Appa's uncomfortable.

Chae Won's working and EMIL calls her. Chae Won stupidly answers and EMIL tells her to come down and talk. When Chae Won comes out. EMIL offers her 5 billion Won to quit her job. SY's Mom arrives and sees them talking. Chae Won is offended and yells that she won't quit! EMIL raises her hand like she's going to strike Chae Won and Mom sees it all.


After Mom witnesses EMIL trying to pay Chae Won off, Chae Won leaves and EMIL plays the complete victim with Mom and declares that Chae Won is evil.

Upstairs, Joo Ri comes in and demands to know why Chae Won didn't take the money. Is she trying to get revenge? Chae Won tells her she doesn't care about revenge and tells Joo Ri to go back to work.

The marriage date is going well. The Moms leave and an uncomfortable Appa excuses himself to the bathroom. Choon Hee calls him a jerk and storms off. He chases after her, leaving this poor girl sitting there. Outside she slaps him and storms off.

Se Yoon comes across the cooks and overhears that they're going out to eat with Chae Won. He's already planning on going out with some guys, so he proposes the same place as Chae Won's going. Once they get there, Se Yoon confesses that he's never been to one of these places before. His guys don't mind. Chae Won arrives and the girls start feeding her drinks. One of Chae Won's guys offers him a drink and he turns it down, claiming that he has an appointment after. It's really because he knows that Chae Won's going to need a ride home. But he doesn't like her at all.

EMIL is moping, Joo Ri is hostile and Chul Kyu decides to marry TSGD.

Family hijinks and Appa's upset because Choon Hee dumped him. Opera Man runs into Auntie and she tells him about her first love - a singer who judged a competition she was in. He leaves before she finishes telling him about how her love offered her a handkerchief and how they corresponded for a while. And even though we didn’t see his face, we all know that this was Opera Man back in the day.

Chae Won, as expected, gets bombed, but she sends the girls on their way. Chae Won starts to walk home, with Se Yoon walking behind her, amused at how she's stumbling all over. He gets her attention. She calls him Captain Hong, who sounds like Superman, and then she calls him Captain Lee. Joo Ri calls while he's in the car with her and he doesn't answer. She thinks it's her phone and answers, telling her father she's on the way home. Se Yoon smiles.

Elder uncle and auntie swap out their noodles with younger uncle's. As they've finished, Chae Won and Se Yoon arrive home. I forgot that the elders know Se Yoon. They explain that they're related to Chae Won. Se Yoon explains that he's bringing her home because they had a company dinner party together. Not that he wasn't at hers and just waited so he can rescue her again. He turns down their offer for tea. Elder AIL says that something's fishy.

The next morning, Joo Ri brings Se Yoon coffee. He's not in his office but a thermos of porridge from Chae Won is sitting on his desk. Joo Ri hides the soup when Se Yoon arrives and gives him the coffee.

Oeharabeoji judges the contest. Auntie gets 40 points. Youngest uncle gets no points because he didn't realize his noodles were stolen and Elder uncle gets disqualified for this and the next contest because of the noodle switch. So Auntie wins this round.

Appa goes to make up with Choon Hee and comes across her trying to lease the place. He overhears that she's going back to the US. When she rebuffs his hurt, he nods and tells her to do as she pleases and leaves. She's pissed because he didn't beg her to stay. Opera Man sees a distraught Appa and tries to get him to make up but Appa's had enough.

SY's Mom arrives with some shrimp kimchi. She notes the 'For Lease' sign and once she starts talking to Choon Hee, she apologizes. Choon Hee just thanks Unni for saving her life when she was distraught 30 years ago. Unni starts to cry.

Se Yoon arrives while Chae Won is putting up a sign outside the cafeteria. He chides her for not texting him to say thank you for taking her home the night before. She tells him that she left the soup as a thank you. Se Yoon wonders if Assistant Yoon took the soup. She doesn't remember much and Se Yoon starts laughing at her. He notices that she's created a website for the cafeteria. She says that she's always been an idea bank. He laughs at her. Joo Ri arrives to see them and to seethe over their relationship.

EMIL and TSG's Mother meet and settle on the wedding. Chul Kyu tells TSGD that he'll agree to marry her once he's talked to someone. EMIL fawns over TSGD and Chul Kyu notes how TSGMom acts toward her daughter. Chul Kyu goes to talk to that person - Chae Won. He asks if they really are through. She tells him should remarry. He starts to cry and she tells him there's not a thread of hope that they can start over. Besides, she's moved on and has feelings for Se Yoon. She tells him to start over with the new woman and because EMIL likes her, he'll be able to live well. Again she declares that it's the end. He pulls her into a hug and cries, since it's the very last time. She does not hug him back.

Family hijinks.

Chul Kyu arrives home and tells EMIL that he'll marry TSGD. EMIL's elated.

Next day, Se Yoon and Chae Won run into each other. It's like he hangs out in the lobby to run into her... He asks why she's smiling and she says it's her first paycheck. She's giddy because she's earned it and because of how it will put her dad's mind at ease. Se Yoon asks her if she's only going to thank him with words. He wants her to take him to dinner, but she has a conference. She tells him she'll make him two meals to make up for it.

The wedding. EMIL goes and fawns over TSGD. And there's a surprise, Coco, TSGD's miniature poodle. TSGD declares Coco a family member and tells Coco to say hello. EMIL doesn't like dogs and falls over trying to get away. And then she's ticked that TSGD chased after the runaway Coco instead of helping her up.

Outside the hotel Chul Kyu arrives and crosses paths with Chae Won, who's there for the conference. TSGD comes out in her wedding dress looking for Coco and sees Chul Kyu's reaction to Chae Won.