Degree of Dominance

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As you have learned in Chapter 14 there are "Degrees of Dominance" these concepts include Incomplete Dominance, Complete Dominance, and Codominance.  Find a characteristic that represents each degree of dominance and post a picture representing each phenotype for those characteristics ( one picture and explanation per characteristic)

You cannot repeat a characteristic once it has been used.

For example:
Incomplete dominance
Sickle cell anemia in this genetic disorder, both alleles must be normal/dominant in order for the offspring to exhibit the wild type genotype.  Individual who are homozygous recessive fail to make the proper structural hemoglobin required to carry oxygen within the RBC, individuals who are heterozygous make both sickle shaped RBCs and wild type RBCs, but the sickle shaped RBCs have little effect because they are out numbered by the wild type RBCs.