The Human Journey

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Option One: Diversity Within Continents.
      Africa is where people come from, it's where we start and it's where we began and left to start a new era in our lifetime. Africa has a lot more  diversity because we began in Africa and when we left or stayed, we got different traits or we got traits to habit the environment.
Option Three: Confusion Within Dominant And Recessive Traits,
      Dominant is a more powerful trait and only needs one allele to overpower the Recessive trait. A Recessive trait is a smaller not that powerful trait that needs two to overpower the Dominant. A Dominant trait produces two allele's from one of your parents, and that allele overpowers the Recessive trait presents your child with two copies: one from your mother,one from your father. For a recessive trait to produces a Recessive phenotype, the individual must have two copies one from each parent. A individual with one dominant trait and one recessive allele for a gene will have the dominant phenotype, they are considered carriers of the Recessive allele: the Recessive allele is there, but the phenotype isn't there. 

Dominant phenotype are not always more common then Recessive phenotype. 
  • dominant allele + dominant allele = dominant phenotype 
  • dominant allele + recessive allele = dominant phenotype 
  • recessive allele + recessive allele  =  recessive phenotype 

Dominant trait: A trait from a parent that overpowers recessive

Recessive trait: A trait that needs two to overpower the Dominant

Phenotype: Given from parents

Allele: Each parent gives you a gene. 

Diversity: A state of being Diverse.