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 We met with Renae's neurologist yesterday. It was a quick visit, other then they forgot to put us on the schedule. They did all the typical stuff, weighted her 17lbs 4ozs and she was 25.10inches. Which means at her 4 month appointment with her regular Dr. they measured her wrong because they told me 27.7inches.

  When the Dr. came in she just looked at Renae's head and said, "Yep she has it". Well ok we already knew that. She only said a few things that the plastic surgeon said.  It was a in and out visit. She said we won't see her again till the morning of the surgery.

  We would of been able to schedule it yesterday but the surgery scheduler was on vacation. So they will call us next week with the date.

  I was a little upset that this visit seemed pointless, but Bobby reassured me that this visit was just to MEET her. So I guess if that was it I'm ok with that.

  The next step will be setting the date. Then in 4-6 weeks we will go back to the plastic surgeon and he will see how she is coming along.

 That's all I got this time.

  Thanks for reading everyone.