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We have been doing a home program with K since she was A few months old. Shortly after she turned 3, we were fortunate to be able to take K for an evaluation through ICAN and have a program set up for her. I feel K did fairly well with our homemade program, but I am really pleased to finally take her to a neurodevelopmentalist (ND) because her program is now so specific to her. There are so many areas that we can now work on that I was either unaware of, or had no idea how to address. I have been sharing details of our home program, however I will not share any details of the program she has now as it is designed specifically for K and may not be beneficial to another child.

Here are some links to the ND organizations that I am aware of and like always, I appreciate your comments and extra information, so if you know of some others, please leave a comment.

ICAN - International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists -

The institutes for achievement of human potential -

National Association for child development -