Life Expectancy of People with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

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Your diagnosis of Stage 4 Kidney Failure may have come as a surprise, or you may have known for years that your kidneys were not healthy. In this stage, the disease is compatible with life, meaning that one can live for a long time is you take the steps to preserve kidney function that is left, so you do not progress to Stage 5 (end-stage renal disease, or ESRD).

A person with Stage 4 Kidney Failure has advanced kidney damage with a severe decrease in the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) to 15 to 30ml/min. It is likely that you need receive dialysis or a kidney transplant in the near future. However, appropriate treatment in time can slow or even stop the usual progress to complete failure, help you avoid dialysis or kidney transplant, and greatly prolong your life expectancy.

As one of the largest kidney disease specialized hospital in the world, we have the most advanced technology and techniques for kidney disease treatment. Based on 26 years' experience and expertise, the nation's top nephrologists in our hospital develop a new kidney failure treatment, known as immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is a holistic therapy for Renal Failure. For patients with stage 4 kidney failure, this therapy can eliminate the various symptoms and improve your life quality to a large extent. Besides, the healthy kidney units can get protected well, and the damage kidney function will be reversed to the maximum.
Under this treatment, you have promising chance to avoid kidney dialysis and a transplant.

By far, immunotherapy is the latest treatment for kidney disease. It can rectify the immune dysfunction in patient's body so as to treat the disease fundamentally. Nowadays, this most advanced therapy is becoming more and more popular among patients all over the world.

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