Unexpected Outcomes

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As I had posted about here, I ordered some tuberose ( Polianthes tuberosa) bulbs this spring, both of the regular single kind and the double 'The Pearl'. The first pot to flower was one I thought I had planted with 'The Pearl' but the flowers so far are all single. Not that I particularly mind, since the fragrance is just as delicious, but I do hope that at least some of the other pots end up producing double flowers.

Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)

Another plant that has not turned out quite as planned is a type of hibiscus I raised from seed which was supposed to be roselle ( Hibiscus sabdariffa), a species that produces fleshy red calyces used to make tea, syrups, and jams. Based on the foliage and the flowers that are now beginning to appear, however, it seems more likely that I have a green-leafed, yellow-flowered form of Hibiscus acetosella or something similar. Still pretty, though not quite as useful.

Hibiscus acetosella?

I think I might try for roselle again next year with seed from a different source. If it is as easy to grow as this clearly closely related planted it should be satisfying enough to grow, and I still want to give making my own hibiscus tea a try.