Does Occult Blood In Urine Indicate Kidney Disease

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Why is there occult blood in urine? What condition or diesease leads to occult blood in urine? Does it indicate kidney disease? In this passage, specialists in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital will explain it for you in detail.
What is occult blood? As its name implies, occult blood means we can not see it with naked eyes or microscope. Yet if we test it with a test paper, the test paper will react. Why? When red blood cells are broken, the protoheme inside will release. So test paper will give reaction. Why does protoheme broke? That’s because leaving human body, the lifespan will be over.
Generally, the reason of occult blood can be divided into three aspects: inflammation, kidney stone, and tumor. As for inflammation, glomerular nephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis all may lead to hematuria or occult blood. In addition, other cases such as physiology period or constipation may also lead to occult blood.
What worry patients most is the occult blood caused by tumor such as benign and malignant tumor of kidney, bladder and ureter.
So many people are still concerned about the question whether occult blood in urine indicates kidney disease. How to get a confirmed answer? Experts in kidney disease hospital suggest that people should go to hospital. More than three months’ large amount of proteinuria and hematuria will tend to be chronic kidney disease(CKD).
When occult blood comes into being, many patients do not care it so much and do not take treatment timely, which makes it deteriorate, however. Experts suggest that they should go to standardized hospital and have normalized examination.