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A mouth full...yes but it is not just a random work I pick. This is a rare metabolic disorder that I have. This disorder happens when an enzyme in the liver is not produce enough and stops converting TMA to TMAO. When this happens TMA is built up in the body and then is released in body fluids. This gives off a fishy odor to sweet, breath, or urine. That is why is also goes by the name of Fish Odor Syndrome. What is bad about it is in the fact that most women get it instead of men. Only 1-5% of the population of the UK and US has is disorder. It is also hereditary meaning that I will have this for the rest of my life. There is absolutely no cure available. NONE! This has ruined my life ever since I was in middle school. Imagine smelling like rotten fish all the time and no matter what you did it would not go away. My dream of have a wife and family got shattered. What women wants her man to come home after a hard day of work smelling like rotten fish? No women will ever want that. I do not want to be with myself when I smell like this so I expect no one else to. That is my reality in that I have to shower at least twice a day to make the smell less offense. I have been told I have poor hygiene when I am a health freak. I get picked on for smelling like fish. If I could get rid of this I would have a long time ago. I isolate myself because I don't want to hear all the negative comments towards me. It gets worse when I exercise since the smell comes from my pores forcing me to workout alone. I tried taking pills but that does not do anything for me. The next step is become nearly completely vegan for curtain foods makes it worse. Red meats, dairy, broccoli, peanuts, fish, and other foods. The Paleo Diet fits my needs greatly but will I have the discipline to stick to it? Not like anyone is going to care since I am just a noise maker to them.