Almost there.......

Source:  Almost there.......    Tag:  saethre-chotzen syndrome
Today was busy here. Grandma kindly came to pick Jason up to stay with her and Grandpa til Wednesday. We are gonna miss our guy but we know he will have a great time. Shortly after Jason left Mimi and Papa arrived with Sarah. And yes it was planned that way so Jason and Sarah wouldn't have to get upset about leaving each other again.....they are so missing each other.
Oh how we've missed our girl! We were so excited to she her. Sarah is doing great. She looks good, she is energetic, and we feel as though she is back to her baseline. We called Children's Hospital to find out what time we needed to be there tomorrow morning........6am! Her surgery is scheduled for 7:30am. That means we will be leaving our house at 4:30am.....that hour will come fast. Sarah is aware she is going to the hospital and although she shows some anxiety about it she is being really brave about the whole thing. Tonight we will spend some quiet time with Sarah and head to bed early. We are hoping and praying that there will be no problem with proceeding with the surgery, as Sarah looks great to us but we don't make the final decision. We hope to give you updates throughout the day tomorrow.