100 Year Inheritance Episodes 21-22 Recap

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TSGD asks who Chae Won is and is distracted by Coco appearing. She corrals Chul Kyu inside and Chae Won walks off in the other direction.

Joo Ri and Chae Won run into each other in the bathroom. Joo Ri is snotty and tells her to give up on sunbae and find someone more suitable for her. Chae Won repeats that they aren't like that and Joo Ri takes issue with Chae Won using We to refer to the two of them.

Chul Kyu's drinking before the wedding, but EMIL stops him from getting drunk. She basically twists his arm to go through it. Chae Won comes across TSGD in the lobby. Awkward look exchange and then TSGD goes in and gets married.

Se Yoon is hard at work. His thoughts drift to Chae Won and how she's going to that conference. He decides to go meet her. But he doesn't like her, not at all.

SY's Mom is calling Choon Hee and offering to help with her move. As they get off the phone, Opera Man arrives and tells her not to go and to instead make up with Appa. Oehalmeoni is hearing the news about Choon Hee leaving and she's overjoyed. Opera Man arrives to talk to Appa. He also asks for compensation money for Younger Uncle breaking his arm. Everyone clears out. Appa is moping in bed. Doesn't he have a job? Opera man arrives and tells him that Choon Hee's leaving the next day. Appa almost humbles out but he refuses to hold onto someone set on leaving.

After the wedding, EMIL is all compliments. TSGM is still cold. Chul Kyu sighs and TSGM smells the alcohol. EMIL manages to change the subject. TSGD opens the door and there's Coco. EMIL is horrified but stops short because TSGM is there. EMIL pulls Chul Kyu aside and tells him not to think useless things. Then she stuffs him in the car.

Se Yoon arrives and sees the send off. Joo Ri hides so he doesn't see her with EMIL. EMIL's all smiles and friendliness to Se Yoon, but he politely excuses himself. Joo Ri wonders why he's at the hotel and then worries that he's there to see Chae Won.

Chae Won's conference is done and Se Yoon appears, smiling at her. She's surprised. He tells her he had a meeting there and just happened to think of her. He tells her to buy him dinner. They go to the restaurant where Chae Won ended up getting drunk. She worries that it's too cheap to be a payback dinner. Joo Ri follows them and catches them laughing together. It's the first time she's seen him laugh in 3 years. With Chae Won! Jealous tears.

Chae Won pulls out the phone and shows Se Yoon the website. She tells him he can submit his meal requests there. He gives her a hard time for treating him like everyone else. She laughs. He brings up running into Chul Kyu and asks if she's okay. She replies that they're strangers now. But, she also admits that she thought she would feel more relieved rather than a little sad. He declares that he's going to make her feel really refreshed.

Se Yoon takes her out to a batting cage. Chae Won's never held a bat before. He gives her some tips for batting and then compliments her on her form. He tells her to think of the balls as all the people who have tormented her. She hits *every* ball. They have a blast, her hitting the balls, him watching her. And then he gets somber because of Eun Seol.

When Se Yoon drops her off at home, Elder AIL asks Chae Won if they're dating. She denies it and says he's just someone he knows, from getting stuck in the hospital. Elder AIL says that that was then and why are they together now. Chae Won answers that she got her first paycheck and owes Se Yoon a lot. EAIL tells Chae Won that Se Yoon is the son of the company's owner and SY's Mom is worse that EMIL when it comes to being controlling her son's love life. Chae Won declares he'd never ever be interested in her.

Se Yoon arrives home to find Joo Ri having tea with his parents. SYMom says that Joo Ri's older brother got married that day. Se Yoon didn't know that Joo Ri had an older brother. SYMom says that Joo Ri's brother married TSGD. SYMom declares that if she'd known, she would have brought them congratulations. SYMom offers Se Yoon some food but he declares he's full. Dad asks and Se Yoon says that he had dinner with a friend. Joo Ri doesn't like that answer. SYMom asks about Joo Ri's ex-sister in law but Joo Ri declares that she can't say who it is because of a privacy issue. SYMom pushes, saying that she's scared for their employees, having a woman like that working at their company. When Dad asks, Mom says she came across the ex demanding five million won from EMIL. Joo Ri tries not to smile because Mom already hates Chae Won.

Later, Se Yoon's upset that Joo Ri didn't say anything and asks who the ex is. Joo Ri refuses to answer; she feels like she's bad-mouthing the ex. He doesn't push and compliments her on her character. She tells him that she's hiding something from him but won't say what today. And if that isn't fishy to you, Se Yoon...

Appa's still moping over Choon Hee. She tells him to be a man and go and hold onto her. He says that he'll be okay; he made it through losing Chae Won's mother. YUncle presents EUncle with a contract declaring that if they don't sign it promising to drop out if they do anything fishy. After protesting a lot, the elders sign it.

Chul Kyu calls Chae Won from the airport, upset that he hurt her by getting remarried. New wife overhears him crying to Chae Won on the phone, telling her that he feels alive when he hears her voice. Chae Won hangs up on him and TSGD/Hong Joo storms off. She leaves the airport and despite Chul Kyu protesting, drives off in a taxi for the Crystal Hotel (where they got married).

At home EMIL is reveling in the mink coat she got as a wedding gift. Joo Ri is impressed at how EMIL scored. Chul Kyu arrives home and announces that Hong Joo went to a hotel instead of on their honeymoon. When EMIL asks if they've had a fight, Chul Kyu declares he doesn't know and it's annoying and stomps off. EMIL goes after him and he's ticked that his new wife does whatever she wants, not like Chae Won. EMIL slaps him several times for mentioning Chae Won.

Appa decides to chase after Choon Hee, but she's already gone. Because she doesn't answer the door, because she's not home, he concludes that she doesn't care and leaves. She is, in fact, standing around outside the noodle factory, just hoping for a glimpse of him. She leaves just as Appa arrives home.

The next morning, Appa's noticeably depressed and won't eat breakfast before he leaves for work. YUncle gives his mother a hard time for how she's been acting. Oehalmeoni responds that she's going to find Appa a nice wife. Auntie mentions how they both love each other, since Choon Hee was as mopey as Appa is.

When Chae Won hears how the aunts harassed Choon Hee, she decides to go visit Choon Hee. Chae Won begs her to reconsider, especially since Appa's so sad about it being over. Chae Won tells her that she wishes they would marry and begs her to stay.

At work there's a basket from Se Yoon on Chae Won's desk. The cooks cluck about how she's connected and when she arrives they're snotty. Joo Ri's right outside, smiling, and you know she sent the presents in Se Yoon's name.

Chae Won's out meeting a supplier and Se Yoon says hello. She quickly excuses herself without being friendly.

Se Yoon’s Office. Assistant Yoon shows Se Yoon a poster for the ad campaign and then smiles widely at Se Yoon. Se Yoon asks and Asst Yoon tells him that he had no idea that Se Yoon had a romantic side. Yoon compliments Se Yoon for remembering anniversaries. Se Yoon is completely confused. Joo Ri arrives and Yoon leaves. Se Yoon tells her it bothered him who she left and asks what she's hiding. Instead of telling him, she wraps her arms around him and hugs him and asks for a little more time.

EMIL comes and demands that a hung over Chul Kyu bring his wife home from the hotel. She so pesters him that he goes to the hotel to bring Hong Joo home. She refuses to go, even after he sincerely apologizes. TSGMom arrives, promptly slaps Hong Joo and washes her hands of her daughter. Chul Kyu witnesses the whole thing. TSGM stomps out. Hong Joo starts to throw a fit and Chul Kyu grabs her to stop her. He begs her to calm down.

Choon Hee is leaving and Opera Man tries to stop her. She won't stop and he calls Appa. Then he borrows a Vespa to go get him. He berates Appa to finally chasing after. For some reason, Choon Hee is taking *a train* to leave Korea. Appa arrives as the train gets there. He doesn't make it there before the train pulls away. He sags to the ground and starts to cry and calls her name. And as I suspected, she didn't take the train. Giddy, he thanks her for staying and picks her up and twirls her around more than once.

At the company, SYMom and Chae Won collide into each other, spilling Mom's coffee all over her dress. Chae Won tries to find a hankie but Mom recognizes her as EMIL's ex-daughter and hotly tells Chae Won not to touch her!


SYMom tells Chae Won not to touch her! Chae Won is shocked by this harsh treatment, but apologizes profusely. Joo Ri sees them together and goes bug-eyed. SYMom reminds Chae Won of how they met and Chae Won tries to come up with words. Mom asks for her name and department. But before there's an answer, Joo Ri calls out Mother and rushes over to gush over Mom. Mom declares that she's there to see her Se Yoon and Joo Ri, so Chae Won figures out that this is SYMom that EAIL warned her about. And Joo Ri calls her Mother. Chae Won can only wonder what kind of weirdo SYMom thinks about her.

Up in Se Yoon's office. SYMom is sympathetic to how uncomfortable Joo Ri must be, but Joo Ri knows that if Se Yoon ever realizes that she's EMIL's daughter, the jig is up. So Joo Ri lets ‘slip’ how Chae Won used to work for EMIL and manipulated her brother into marriage. Chae Won's nickname was the mistress of the company love affair, carrying on multiple love affairs at once. SYMom can't believe Chae Won's working for her company!

Chae Won runs into Se Yoon in the elevator. She tries to avoid his eyes (and smile). He asks her why she's ignoring him. She doesn't answer. He asks if he did something wrong or if there's something wrong that's happened at work. He asks her if she'd like to go do some more baseball this weekend. She finally asks him why he keeps doing 'this' to her. She tells him that she's confused by his behavior - especially because of the candy basket. He's clueless - because he didn't send it. She asks him why he's being nice to her. He replies that if she's that bothered, she should be nice to him: make him some nice side dishes and go play baseball when it's boring, go eat pork rinds together. He's totally clueless that he sounds like he's asking her to date. She looks like she's about to cry and he can't understand her look. Some other people get on the elevator and no more conversation.

Choon Hee tells Appa about how Chae Won came to visit her. She compliments him on his daughter and he tells her that Chae Won's going to be her daughter, too. She chides him and he tells her she's cute. Opera Man arrives and tells them they owe him for their happiness and a suit. Choon Hee protests, but Appa agrees, so they go to the tailor. Opera Man brags about how he looks hot in suits but the salesman wants to make Appa a suit, since he has the perfect body type. Opera Man gets insulted and storms out.

EMIL meets with TSGM, who's brought a maid for the house, since Hong Joo doesn't know how to do housework. EMIL's still weirded out, but TSGM declares that they'll pay for Mrs. Park. Matchmaker declares that it's like the old-days tradition of sending a household slave off with the daughter. Really nice image of how they view Mrs. Park.

Chul Kyu and Hong Joo are driving in the car. She asks him why he married her, because he loved her? He replies that that's the reason. She says she doesn't believe it. She asks why he got divorced, because rumors have it that it was because of EMIL. Chul Kyu doesn't answer but tells her that they should forget the past and start fresh.

Joo Ri arrives in Chae Won's office and asks her how it feels impersonating Cinderella. Joo Ri implies that Chae Won sent the basket to herself to latch onto Se Yoon. Chae Won's offended by Joo Ri's lack of respect. Joo Ri yells at her for trying to steal Se Yoon. Since Joo Ri rattles off what they did, Chae Won's shocked that Joo Ri's been following her. She calls Joo Ri on it and assures her that they're not in that type of relationship. Joo Ri spits back that any time she needs help, he's there to rescue her! He got her a job and laughed brightly in front of her! Joo Ri starts to cry and warns Chae Won to disappear from Se Yoon's sight or she'll make Chae Won get dragged out.

Chae Won's walking home and Se Yoon drives up and asks to give her a ride home. He tells her he's going to Paju Studio to approve some stuff and she tells him he doesn't have to make up a lame excuse if he wants to give her a ride home. He's confused. Once in the car, she asks him if her likes her, which shocks him so much he slams on the brakes. He can't believe she just asked him like that. She takes it as a confirmation that he *doesn't* like him and is relieved. He says she should just be happy he does nice things for her. She says that they've become close because of all the drama and someone who didn't know might jump to conclusions. She remarks how all this really does sound crazy when she says it. Se Yoon asks her if she's been drinking. She asks him to stop being nice and helping her. He tells her that she doesn't need his help. So she asks why she's still being so nice. He tells her that through all the drama, they've become comrades. She laughs and is relieved. He drops her off at the bus station. She starts to walk home and is chastising herself for misunderstanding.

Appa and Choon Hee arrive together. Chae Won is so happy to see them together. Chae Won invites Choon Hee to be familiar. Choon Hee is encouraged.

Back at home, Appa has his appetite back. Opera Man arrives to talk to YUncle. He presents YUncle with a bill for 400,000 won, what he claims is his monthly salary. Siblings all scoff at the amount. Opera Man declares he won't budge from the house until he gets his money. Auntie wants him to call it even, since he owes her even more money. YUncle declares he won't pay it! Opera Man barges into the grandson's room and lays on the floor and refuses to budge. Later AILs get in a fight over who is at fault.

Chul Kyu and Hong Joo are visiting with EMIL. Hong Joo keeps talking to her dog. EMIL yells at her and she apologizes. Mrs. Park appears and announces that it's bedtime for Hong Joo. Which is really weird because Hong Joo goes off to bed. Mrs. Park tells Chul Kyu to go to bed too. EMIL calls Mrs. Park Ajumma and she corrects EMIL about her name. Up in the room, Hong Joo tries to snuggle up with Chul Kyu. He freaks and tries to play that he has some work to do. She starts throwing pillows at him, calling him a bad man.

Joo Ri's in her room plotting Chae Won's destruction.

SYMom tells Se Yoon that she ran into Joo Ri's ex-sister-in-law. Se Yoon wants to know what department she works in but SYMom doesn't know. Dad wants to know what Mom would do if she knew who exSIL was. Mom repeats what Joo Ri told her about exSIL. Dad sighs and asks his wife how she can only listen to one side of the story. Good question, Dad. Mom can't believe that Joo Ri would lie about that sort of thing. Because Joo Ri isn't that sort of girl. Now in his room, Se Yoon wonders about all this. Then he thinks about Chae Won and laughs at her. And then he wonders if what he told Chae Won is really how he feels.

Siblings leave the unreasonable Opera Man lying on the floor and go to bed. Oeharabeoji is out in the factory. Chae Won stops by to chat before heading off to work. Oeharabeoji still wishes she would take over the business. Opera Man gets up in the middle of the night and wanders into Auntie's room to go back to sleep. Oehalmeoni leaves her room and discovers YUncle and family sleeping in the living room. They tell her that Opera Man never left, but when they go look, he's not in their room. EUncle and EAIL get up. And then there's the scream when Auntie awakes to find Opera Man in her room. Everyone rushes in and Auntie is traumatized. While YUncle almost beats him, Oehalmeoni doesn't let him off easily and starts beating him up. YUncle chases Opera Man from the house.

Breakfast and Hong Joo's feeding Coco at the table. EMIL says something. Hong Joo summons Mrs. Park and hands off the dog. EMIL thinks Hong Joo's mad but Hong Joo smiles fakely and asks if it's fine now. Later EMIL tries to talk to Chul Kyu about Hong Joo but he tells EMIL not to start and walks out.

At work, Chae Won is doing well, but the rumors are spreading about her being in a relationship with Se Yoon. The gossipers get off the crowded elevator, revealing Se Yoon and Joo Ri. She looks all depressed, even after he tells her not to be worried about the rumor. Se Yoon wonders if the rumor is what caused Chae Won to ask about whether he liked her. At the morning meeting, Asst Yoon says that Se Yoon's been looking happy, like a man in love. They tell him that they heard he proposed to Chae Won with a candy basket. Joo Ri runs crying out of the room. Se Yoon delays the meeting an hour to run after her. When he can't find her, he goes to talk to Chae Won, but she isn't in her office. The candy basket still is, though.

Se Yoon goes down to the kitchen. Hearing Se Yoon is looking for her, Chae Won is distracted and thus scalds herself with some soup. He rushes her off to the hospital, carrying her out through the lobby. Everybody including Joo Ri sees. Joo Ri discovers what happened and finds Chae Won's phone; she plots some more.

Third contest starts and the siblings are confused by the assignment. Suel Hong calls EAIL and says that he's coming home from New York to help them. Opera Man is upset over what's happened. Appa and Choon Hee try to comfort him, but he's upset over what Auntie's going to think.

At the hospital, the doctor has *bandaged* her foot and declares the burn not serious. Not that the bandage will stick to the burned skin or anything. Chae Won asks Se Yoon why he was looking for her, but someone asks for her guardian, so he leaves to take care of it. Joo Ri arrives at the hospital and takes a picture of the resting Chae Won with Chae Won's phone. She then returns the phone to Chae Won's office. Se Yoon returns to his office to find Joo Ri waiting for him. She asks what he was doing. He's vague. She demands to know if he was on a date with Chae Won. Now Se Yoon's out on a balcony, thinking about Joo Ri tells him: that there's a rumor that they're getting married in May, with reporters calling to confirm.

Chae Won discovers what Joo Ri did with those pictures, she posted them to the website's blog, making them look like they're in a relationship. Even though all of them look like someone else took them. Se Yoon arrives and, serious, asks for them to talk. He tells her that she's careless and asks when she had the time to post those pictures. She tries to defend herself but he cuts her off. He mentions the basket, not sending it, and then tells her that she's really good at being deceitful about who she really is. He tells her he's disappointed and that he's been wrong about her. And Joo Ri's there to overhear it all.