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Identical twins are also called Monozygotic twins, ie twins come from one egg. Have the same genes, same sex and similar advances.
The process of identical twinning is due at the time of fertilization of a mature egg cell by a
sperm fertilization helps zygote, then this zygote will divide.
If cleavage occurs when the zygote is the beginning of fertilization (1-3 days after fertilization), each embryo will usually have different amniotic sack, and one placenta.
But when the division occurred after 14 days then the twins will probably happen join / stick together on the part of the body or cleavage is not perfect so-called Siamese twins higher. So the twins conjoined twins occur in monozygot. With ultrasound (utrasonografi) physicians will be able to assess the state of the fetus, gender, and position defects.