Monday, Monday...

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Such a beautiful Monday morning! I love love love Monday's! Why am I so happy? Because school started today! That's right! Elias is in the 1st grade this year! He started getting ready for school last night. For those of you that know us, know that we have a family bed. That's right, all 4 of us in a king sized bed. And that would be Shannon, me, Elias and our dog Lucy. Norah wants no part of this snuggle time and does her spread eagles in her lovely crib. Yes we have a monitor. :) Anyway, last night was like the night before Christmas. Elias was so nervous/excited that he hardly slept! Which means that we hardly slept. But I digress... He woke up this morning before the alarm... WEIRD! That kid loved to sleep! So he gets up, bee-bops around the house, brushes his teeth and gets dressed with time to spare! He had a great day at school and was as happy as a lark! Then we went home, rested a bit, and off to football practice. The kids really didn't do a whole lot since it was raining, but they stretched and did a few drills so that tired him out too! I love it! I hope that he has a really good year this year. His teacher seems really cool, so we shall see!
Norah is doing well also. She has picked up a few more signs. She already did "more". She now does "eat", "all done", and "thank you". She will do "juice" when she is feeling froggy :) She is still sleeping 12 hours with a nap during the day, and of course still taking 3 bottles a day. I just can't take that away yet :) She says mama, da, bubba (Elias), this, and bir (bird). We are just amazed at how much she has picked up! She is walking around the house like nobody's business and has the funniest personality! She loves music and dances when she hears it. She is really enjoying her bath now and doesn't like to get out. She loves Elias and thinks he is the funniest thing around. Which in turn makes him so happy and he is constantly doing things to make her laugh.
I am really enjoying this stay at home gig and I am really going to be sad when it is time to return to the work force. Good thing for me... I work with some great people and I love my job so I know that I will get right back into the swing of things! Hope that you all are doing well! I will leave you with a few pics from todays events, and some recent pics of the kids. Peace and Love! The Sharp 4