A Link Between Normal Aging and Progeria

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But why do we age?
It was previously thought that aging was caused by our cells wearing out. However, recent studies point to a different reason. These new studies have found a link between aging and the aging disease known as Progeria.

If you aren’t familiar with the disease, Progeria causes children to age seven times faster than normal human beings. Why? A toxic protein called progerin is produced in these children’s bodies in very high amounts. However, once thought as the reason why children suffer from this disease, new studies show that progerin is also produced in healthy human beings. The amounts are just much lower, causing us to age at a slower rate.

What does this mean?
This means that aging could be an active biological mechanism that is actually programmed into our bodies. If this is the case, this means that this program is tinkered with when it comes to children with Progeria, causing progerin to be produced in high amounts instead of the standard lower amounts.   With these things in mind, we are only getting closer to gaining an understanding of the aging process.

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