They Remain Nearby

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Chris Schwarzenegger and mother Maria Shriver

Last night I dreamt in great detail and in vivid color as I sometimes do. One of the most memorable parts of my dream is Daniel walking beside me, to my left. We were walking in a grassy cool area. I thanked him for coming while I was at loose ends and a bit sad and a little bewildered at the moment, and he told me that he is always with me, as is my Dad, even in daylight, when I cannot see them. He also said that their choice as to where to occupy in "Heaven" just now is motivated by wishing to stay near their family. They will apparently not ascend to the highest point in Heaven until all of the family is with them......and apparently, the animals too. This was a comfort, because there are certainly plenty of things to worry about in the world in which those of us in the flesh suits still dwell.
I do want to take a moment though to ask for prayers for someone. I don't know and have never met the Schwarzeneggers, yet I understand how they must feel today. Their 13 year old son Christopher is in an intensive care unit, and has been since Sunday following a collapsed lung and multiple fractures which occured as a result of a surfing or boogie boarding accident in the Pacific Ocean. I hope his recovery is swift and that his mother receives whatever support she needs as she sits beside him in the hospital.

UPDATE: News reports are indicating that although Christopher remains in ICU, that doctors anticipate a full recovery. Our prayers are with Christopher and his family.