Dysplastic Butterfly

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 I finished my hand embroidered piece. I used a lot of sparkly thread which doesn't photograph too well. I wanted to make something positive to look at while in bed. My hip is hurting a lot now, everyday, I'm a mess. But I have hope and I have gained patience. I plan to make more "hip" art, but depicting pain and sorrow, I am very interested in art therapy. I plan to print out a bunch of anatomical photos and try to draw where my pain is coming from exactly so I can show Dr. D when I see him next week.
I have been feeling such anxiety and disappointment. No one is listening to me.
It's my 29th birthday on the 10th. My bf is coming back home after a NJ visit. I miss him so much. We are going up to Seattle for my OS appt. but we are making a nice road trip out of it. I have never been there before. I want to check out the parks and drink coffee.
David is leaving to work in Cali a couple of months. I will be on my own. Yesterday I took the bus (painful) to the grocery store and got a backpack full of groceries. I don't take my cane anymore, it's too awkward and when I'm alone, I feel like my cane is an advertisement for vulnerability (harassment). I dunno, carrying weight on my back is not good for my hip. My steroid injection has worn off. I am waiting to hear back from my primary to go to pain management, their waiting lists are long too! I feel afraid. There is a looming fear that I won't be getting the help that I need. All I want is to go back to work, my old job, from 9 months ago, I don't see an end in sight. I have to prepare myself to wait another 6 months before I can even think about pao surgery. I doubt my endurance. Art is all I have. And books. And my kitty.