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What is leukemia?
Leukemia can be defined as an abnormal formation of blood in the body system. Blood formation is a complex process which involves the bone marrow (an important aspect), and other parts of the body which also play some minor roles to complete blood production. The bloods being produced are not matured, so therefore cannot carry out the function of a mature blood which was mainly produced. Since these immature or deformed blood cells are formed in the body and dispersed to other parts, they are no longer able to carry out the basic functions of the blood (eg transfer of vitamins and mineral, oxygen, cabondioxide and waste products). Thereby, giving room for accumulation of antigens which causes more damages and thereby the formation of abnormal blood cells will begin to form as a result of this anti-gen which will ultimately lead to cancer of the blood. Leukemia in other words can be said to be regarded as the Cancer of the Blood.

What is cancer? Cancer can simply be defined as the abnormal formation of cell growths in the body. These cells multiply beyond what the body needs and in as much as much of these cells produced or multiplying are immature ones which as a result of a possible adulteration by an antigen (free radicals) or foreign body material in the body system. Cancer cells can be benign or malignant. Benign as in they are contained in a particular place and may not affect other parts of the body and can easily be treated. While malignant cancer can affect other body tissues and organs and are less easy to be treated..

A full born blood is contained of three major and important cells. Which are the white blood cells (which works with the immune system to take out foreign material from the body), red blood cells(which contain hemoglobin that helps in transportation of oxygen and corbondioxide in and out of the body), and the platelet cell(which helps healing of wounds or punctured cells).
All these blood cells are formed from an immature cell type which is known as the marrow blood cell which is also divided into the lineage cells (developing into red blood cells and platelets) and lymphoid stems cells (which develops into the white blood cells).

Types of leukemia:
1.        Acute leukemia: here death may occur within few weeks if left untreated. This involved the rapid increase of immature blood cells and tends to worsen faster. 
2.        Chronic leukemia: this type of immature blood cells are still disguising to be good and carrying out normal works of healthy blood cells. Symptoms may not happens at first as doctors may find it also tricky to diagnose this type of leukemia. Over time, it gets worse, and some symptoms which are seen in infectious diseases are seen.
Other types are: chronic and lymphocytic leukemia , chronic and acute myeloid leukemia.
Leukemia Facts:
i.                      It affects more children than in adults.
ii.                    Every year, about 28000 adult are diagnosed of leukemia and over 1500 children each year in the United States.
iii.                   It is very common among children who are young between age 4 to 9
iv.                  It is less common in the African region than the European region
v.                    When the disease was first diagnosed, there were lots of death and survival rate was just close to 5%, but now, due to awareness, availability of health care professional and medicines, survival rate has increase drastically to almost 60%
vi.                  Adults tend to die from the disease than in children.
vii.                 Treatment options for leukemia types are different and it should be noted than the time taken to treat acute may be different from treating chronic type of leukemia.

Causes and risk factors of leukemia:
Unfortunately, there are no known causes of leukemia. But scientists have come on possible causes of leukemia which are below.:
i.                      There is probability that long term exposure to some chemical products could cause the disease.
ii.                    Smoking and alcohol have not been rules out completely not to be a possible cause. This is because; some people who do not smoke or take alcohol do have the disease.
iii.                   Exposure to the radiation effect of the sunray or other radiating substances for a long time.
iv.                  Use of some certain procedures such in treating cancer can increase your chances such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
v.                    Some viral infections found in human known as the Human T-cell leukemia virus type
vi.                  Genetic diseases such as down syndrome
vii.                 Family history. The more closely the relative to you who have the disease, the higher the chance that you will have the disease also.
viii.               Some certain blood disorders such as myelodysplastic.
ix.                  Viral infections: HIV/Aids can help to increase the chance of having this disease.

Symptoms of leukemia:
i.                      Infectious diseases are common this is because the white blood cells which would normally fight for the immune system are minimal or not as powerful as they should be.
ii.                    This is also followed by fever, headache and chills
iii.                   Night sweats
iv.                  Severe tiredness
v.                    Loss of appetite
vi.                  Loss of weight
vii.                 Lack of understanding oneself
viii.               Vision become blurry
ix.                  Lack of maintain body balance
x.                    swollen nymph nodes
xi.                  diarrhea
xii.                 vomiting
xiii.               Nauseating: a condition in which spits accumulate in your mouth uncontrollably which forces you to spit out regularly
xiv.               Pain in the abdomen
xv.                Jaundice
xvi.               Seizure which sometimes may be mistaken for epilepsy
xvii.             Weakness of the joint t areas.

Leukemia diagnosis:
The following are lists of diagnosis which your doctors can use to diagnose the disease in you due to your symptoms which you would have complained about. You should try as much as possible to communicate with your doctor and never be shy to talk about your family history, personal history or anything whatsoever.
i.                      Physical exterminations
ii.                    Test of blood through the use of biopsy.
iii.                   Bone marrow aspiration
iv.                  Bone marrow biopsy
v.                    Cytogenetic:
vi.                  Spinal tap: fluids in the cerebral spine is removed to., this is used to check traces of the disease.
vii.                 X-ray of the chest: this will show what is in the chest and what might be causing your symptoms.
The above diagnosing options are used by your doctor; so therefore you doctor will be in the best of position to know the diagnosing procedure to use in making sure that you have cancer of the blood.

Medical treatment for leukemia:
These are treatment options that any or combinations for the treatment of your leukemia. I may not go in details but would just list them to give you minimal information about treatment options available. Treatment options may be decided based on your age, family and personal history, what other diseases you have like diabetes, what drugs you are on and others. People who have first grade leukemia or acute leukemia should seek medical help immediately without delay and people with chronic leukemia should also seek medical help likewise and you should know that you must follow your prescriptions accordingly without skipping them.
After medical prescription are made and you have seen your symptoms improved or go away, you must also go for follow up and check to make sure the disease  does not reoccur again.
i.                      Chemotherapy: use of drugs to fight cancer cell growths or to reverse the growths of these cancer cells.
ii.                    Targeted therapy: this kind of therapy is for those who have some certain form of leukemia.
iii.                   Biological therapy: this are medicines that improves the body natural defense against the disease
iv.                  Stem cell transplant
v.                    Radiation therapy

Home remedy for leukemia:
You should not in any way replace the followings below with your medical prescriptions. The following that I will be discussing and recommend are natural supplements to help boost your immune system, to rejuvenate your cells and also create new cells, to help proper production of blood cells, to detoxify the body from antigens or free radicals and to saturate your blood and body with natural vitamins and minerals needed for your leukemia to be revered naturally to help proper absorption of medicines prescribed, to ease the severe side effects experienced during treatment procedures such as in radiation therapy

1.        Aloe Vera and Leukemia: aloe vera which I have been talking more here about is just a powerful plant which have one of the most important property of rejuvenating dead cells, helps in proper and healthy blood productions and helps in detoxifying the body (in other words, it eliminates the body of free radical which causes cancer in the blood system).
aloe vera is used as a supplemental remedy for treatment of wide varieties of diseases and cancer patients also who are undergoing cancer treatment options to reduce the severity of side effects of therapies and to maximize the absorption of these therapies in the body.
Aloe vera also helps to boot up the immune system or increase the natural body immune system to help in fighting the disease, which is the reason why biological therapy is very important also in helping to treat the disease.

2.       Fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables should not be ignored, because they are powerful anti-oxidants and helps in balancing pure blood [production and eliminating poor blood out of the body. Fruits and vegetables are perfect blend to make your disease go away and relive you of your symptoms. For example, Mangosteen in one of the products below (Forever Promesteen Power) is a popular fruit in Asia. Its exquisite taste prompted Queen Victoria to declare it her favorite fruit, henceforth it has been referred to as the "Queen of Fruits!" Its ORAC value is very high, and it is rich in beneficial Xanthones. Xanthones are a family of naturally occurring nutritional compounds in fruits that are super powerful antioxidants. Carrot is also a good source of vitamin a which helps in the production of proper blood cells. And also you need vegetables high in minerals and vitamins. The fact is that you need all fruits and vegetables in your system to keep your healthier naturally.

The following are recommended natural supplement for your leukemia: Aloe vera (Aloe vera juice), Fruits drinks a powerful anti-oxidant (Forever Promeesten Power), and combinations of over 5 fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables (Forever Nature’s 18): click on the ‘’shop’’ below now to start now and start your orders today.
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